The Good Fight: Episode 9
November 5, 2022 5:48 PM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Diane, Liz and Ri’Chard strategize with Neil Gross to help him buy out the Democratic Party. Jay brings Carmen into the Collective to help extract information from a white supremacist. Diane and Kurt battle relationship issues.

I will say it’s kind of weird that the episode title is “Episode 9” when most of the rest of the episode titles start with “The End…” and the Kings are known to play with their titles.
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It was therapeutic to bathe in the feeling I have when I imagine what it would be like to live in a world gone right. Or going on a better trajectory than I see us on. Yes I would totally live in the multiverse where Diane Lockhart runs the Democratic Party.

I loved all the billionaire digs, and Carmen’s speech about defending the supremacist, and the Collective’s reactions to it. You can see the justice plum fairies dancing around in Phylicia Rashad’s head. And then Jay’s all like “… great but wait whut that’s a little TOO good a performance.”

For a while, one of the things that my spouse and I regularly discussed was: in the face of an undemocratic, PROGRESSIVE tyrant, would we be able to stand up if we thought that they were destroying the State? (And yikes, I’ve just realized how “both sides!!” that premise is.) So it was fun to encounter Neil Gross who wants to fund good things but in a totally in an undemocratic way. It’s had me sitting here thinking about principles and how if I believe that the system is fundamentally broken, can’t I accomplish more by playing within the rules of the game vs not playing at all?

HAHAHA I just described this episode to my friend like so: it’s a monster-of-the-week, except the monster is “what if a highly motivated progressive activist Musk or Bezos came along?”
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Also until Liz and Ri’Chard also saw Neil Gross, I wasn’t sure if he was real. Because why is he sitting at a funeral with a cat on his lap? Is it a funeral home cat?

And then I remembered we had the “Hilary Won” Dream episode and I will be so sad if that is what’s happening here.
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Okay I finished watching it and now I remember how, well, gross Neil Gross is. Gahhh with the ethical dilemmas, show!
posted by emkelley at 6:53 PM on November 5, 2022

Hmm I saw the title displayed as The End of Democracy on Paramount+
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This show has gotten so fabulously bonkers in last couple seasons. I kept meaning to post an episode or two here just to have people to go “Whhhhaaaattt?!” with.
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Oh man, the healing touch of The Rock was very funny. Marissa's marriage was...weird? Is this more satisfying for people who watched the Good Fight? It seemed so random to me.

When I think about this show and Democrats, I will always remember two things: first, Diane's horrified incredulity in the first scene of the series, when she realizes Trump won the presidency. The second was her rising disgust over the gormless Democratic party self-promoters at the DNC star-studded funeral. Just delicious stuff.
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Marissa's marriage was...weird? Is this more satisfying for people who watched the Good Fight?

Ahem, that is, for people who watched The Good Wife.
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Yeah, the episode title wasn’t displayed on my screen like it usually is, and then when I looked it up on some site, it only said Episode 9. Whoops.
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I also thought this was one of Diane’s drug hallucinations and after she met with the ChumHum guy outside, I thought, okay now she’ll wake up. And then the partners talked to him. And then The Rock healed the DNC guy, and all the time I’m thinking WAKE UP!! because this is just bizarro world. Or brain tumor.

The Collective is an interesting flip on the real life CPD black site, Holman Square, exposed in 2015.

Unpopular opinion I know but I have always liked Diane’s marriage to unrepentant NRA guy Kurt. Anyway, he’s more of the old style Republican from the 60s. It was, like, hopeful? Doctor guy (music? books?) is kinda sketch.
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