Elves (1989)
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A young woman discovers that she is the focus of an evil Nazi experiment involving selective breeding and summoned elves, an attempt to create a race of supermen. She and two of her friends are trapped in a department store with an elf, and only the renegade loose-cannon Santa Claus (Dan Haggerty, aka Grizzly Adams), can save them.

Also starring Deanna Lund, Julie Austin.

Directed by Jeffrey Mandel.

Not streaming on conventional services at this time, but someone did upload it to YouTube in its entirety.

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Purely from the title, I wanted this to be James Cameron's genre-bent sequel to Jon Favreau's holiday staple.
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This movie has, perhaps, the weirdest plot description of all time.

Bear in mind that these elves are SANTA'S ELVES type elves, not, like, Tolkien elves or fairy elves or something.
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