Black Sails: IX
January 26, 2015 7:39 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The Walrus crew is stranded on the beach with an army of Spanish soldiers standing between them and the gold on Urca de Lima. Which is the only reason Flint is still alive, i.e. he was right about the gold, despite lying about almost everything else. Gold puts pirates in a forgiving mood

Meanwhile, Eleanor struggles to maintain her hold on Nassau as a new threat arrives; the murderous pirate Ned Low and his equally violent crew from his ship, Fancy.

Vane has a new position at the fort on New Providence and tries to bargain with Eleanor, who tells him to fuck off and not the good way. Jack is still alive and on the island but reduced to being labeled a "crew-killer" and daily beatings.

Finally, Flint hatches a plan to steal the Spanish warship guarding the beach and succeeds, with Silver's help. The crew agrees to let the two live and return them to Nassu with no share of gold. Flint has other ideas, which Silver notices and stands next to his brooding, plotting captain.
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I'm so glad this show is back, and that it picks up directly after the last episode. The flashbacks were welcome. I also loved the digital matte work, and of course, the fights and narrow escapes. My girlfriend still doesn't buy into the character of Eleanor, but I've rather enjoyed her, and understand why the writers have put her there. I wonder what twists there will be this season! This show is such a guilty pleasure.

I think they changed the intro animation a little, too.
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What I love about the series are the complexities spun from the very simple idea of getting the gold from the Urca de Lima. Everyone in the series is either trying to get the gold or affected by someone who is.

It was also good to see young Flint and Missus Barlow as they first meet. Both are single mindley driven and have the intelligence to pull off their schemes. It's only fitting that they'd become lovers at some point. Will they become enemies at some other point?
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I would've loved to have been in the room when they pitched the character of John Silver. He's completely self-interested and a total coward, but also a brilliant con-artist and completely not at all a pirate in any sense of the word. I never get tired of watching him talk circles around all the genuine pirates (even the smart ones like Flint). His call-out of Flint's control freak nature was spot-on, too...he's got the good captain pretty well figured out at this point, while Flint I think is still trying to figure out what to make of Silver.

I hope Jack'll dust himself off pretty soon and get back to scheming. He alternates between moping and scheming and he's a lot more interesting when he's scheming.

Ned Low is yet another ripped-from-the-pages-of-history pirate, who was indeed apparently a total psychopath. It'll be interesting to see how the inevitable alpha-male confrontation between him and Vane plays out.
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