Black Sails: X
February 3, 2015 3:45 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A member of the Walrus crew unexpectedly returns, but finds himself crudely tethered down on a beach. Flint, still stuck in the bowels of the ship, sets his plan in motion to become captain in two days' time by offering advice to Dufresne on a certain route to navigate the gallon through. Meanwhile, Silver tries to make himself indispensable to his crewmates by reading them gossip that the quiet cook Randall witnesses daily aboard the ship. Meeks asks Eleanor to depose of his captain, Ned Low since his unquenchable thirst for power is causing the crew to be reckless. After Jack learns about the intimate encounter between Max and Anne, he accepts it and later proposes his next money-making scheme with them.
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Another Flint focused episode, while the show still manages to expertly juggle other characters. Still so much gold left on that beach, but that's not even the main focus, as everyone tries to hold on to what they have or regain what they lost.

Except Billy. I didn't think he was dead, it was too ambiguous, but learning he's alive and being tortured on a beach is a bit discouraging. The character was a nice foil for Flint, it's a shame to see him away from him and the rest of the crew.

Kudos to Jack for coming up with a plan. You can almost believe that he really does want Ann to just be happy.
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Oh, that was Billy on the beach? We didn't catch that!

I liked this episode, and seeing Flint take his position back was wonderful. I loved seeing their much bigger new ship next to the smaller one. I also loved seeing all of the on shore relationships develop. Seeing Jack go from being pissed on last episode to coming up with a plan was great to see.
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Yeah, the editing for Billy on the beach wasn't very good and doesn't sound promising, but we'll see.

Jack is great, always has an angle as he goes with the flow.

Not sure how Elenore is going to handle the new threat.

Also interesting to see Flint's back story, especially when compared to his modern day personality. His temper is mastered and he's able to much more patient.

Those poor dairy goats!
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 3:28 PM on February 3, 2015

I didn't think he was dead, it was too ambiguous

Err, mild potential spoilers for people who haven't read Treasure Island (or don't remember it) but Billy Bones is still alive at the start of the book, so he's one of the two people (the other being Long John Silver of course) that we can pretty definitely expect to see survive the whole show. Given that I was aware of that and have just been waiting for him to show back up again, I'm glad they finally got around to showing us where he's been.

Flint's plan was an impressive piece of work, to be sure; you can begin to see where his hubris comes from when it turns out that it's his name that matters more than the size of the ship or the bloodthirsty crew. It's Flint they're afraid of, the reputation, the legend, and because of that he really couldn't be replaced and he knew it.

And I gotta say, I think Jack handled that whole situation pretty well. Max's weakness from last season was still very much in evidence though, as soon as she has (or thinks she has) the upper hand, she gets really cocky really fast.
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PS - While we're on the subject of Treasure Island, there was a great made-for-TV movie starring Charlton Heston as Long John Silver and a really, really young before-he-was-anybody Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins that is well worth watching for anybody who wants a Treasure Island refresher, or just a good pirate movie. Hard to get a hold of, though.
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The interesting part is that Dufresne clearly has potential to be a Captain. But he's inexperienced obviously and doesn't know what he doesn't know.

But Flint is seasoned as hell and that experience combined with his smarts makes him very deadly. He can be singular in his vision and his ethics are situational as hell, but he's a Captain, with a capital C. If you want your share of all that gold on the beach, you go with Flint.
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