Beforeigners: Season 2
November 20, 2022 11:34 AM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Alfhildr and Lars reunite for a murder case and wonder if Jack the Ripper has timeigrated to the present.
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This is such a great series. I think the first season was tighter but the premise is so intriguing that I’m hooked. It also inspired me to check out other Norwegian police procedurals and it’s so much fun seeing how many actors pop up on other shows.
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I watched this several months ago. Not as solid as the first season, but I wanted to see where it was going. Plus the characters are a breath of fresh air.
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I didn't know that the actor who plays Alfhildr doesn't speak Norwegian? (mentioned in the video)
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Where the heck is this streaming now? (on demand or not) in the US? After HBOmax pulled it I can't find it anywhere.
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According to JustWatch, nowhere in the US or UK. Maybe it was a victim of the Discovery CEO?
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I had to buy both seasons from the Apple store in Canada. I can't find it anywhere else. That being said, it was well worth it - but then again, I am a major time travel fanatic.

We have gotten into some serious timey-wimey shenanigans (finally!) and I am about to make a prediction for season three, based on my new theory: that the watery time tunnels are being sustained by a bootstrap paradox. To wit, Alfhidr's second time-jaunt at age 25 (?) created the time tunnel to the Viking era, which in turn created her time travel abilities when she jumped backwards at age 3. She created the tunnel that created her! Same thing thing happened with Roberts - he created the time tunnel when he jumped to the 19th century and then back again, which opened the floodgates that led Britain to develop the time machine that sent him back. My prediction is: season 3 will show us who opened the tunnels to the Stone Age era of Navn.
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Smaller details

: the TARDIS in Alex's fish tank!
: Britain has had about 5 million beforeigners arrive since day 1 (source, a billboard when our heroes went to Britain for that meeting). With a population of 67 million, this means the UK is about 7.5% beforeigner. If this is average, then Norway has about 375,000 beforeigners. I DO want to see what happened in the USA (which would have gotten really ugly really fast).
:the various temporal agencies know how to jump sideways using Everything Everywhere All At Once technology, though I'm not clear on how Alex knew he was going to have to jump before the whole subway confrontation ever happened.
:we're gearing up for a time war in S3 and onwards, I think.
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