Spirited (2022)
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Each Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Present selects one dark soul to be reformed by a visit from three spirits. But this season, he picked the wrong Scrooge. Clint Briggs turns the tables on his ghostly host until Present finds himself reexamining his own past, present and future.

Good review! Bad review! I will note that the bad review is quite savagely well written.
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All right. I enjoyed it , particularly Ryan Reynolds, who really makes me wish I could get that Deadpool Christmas movie now. They look like they're having fun doing it, for sure.

It's..minorly different, I guess? The main twist you can probably guess, more or less, early on, but Clint turning things on its head is always fun to watch, as well as his genuine feelings whenever something bad is going on. The way they did Tiny Tim in this one definitely fits for the modern era.

Best songs for me were Clint's song to the tree convention and Octavia's song about going crooked to get ahead in life.
posted by jenfullmoon at 9:21 PM on November 20

Entertaining = yes
Watchablility = B
posted by ShakeyJake at 12:01 AM on November 21

I really liked this movie but I grew up on the muppets version so I love a more adult take. Plus the world blending is great and the cast is great. I also think a rewatch is a good idea if you liked your first watch. There is a lot of stuff happening in the background, especially during the musical numbers, that is such fun.
posted by Lesium at 1:27 AM on November 21

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