Bob's Burgers: Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise
January 26, 2015 8:48 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Bob gets a plot in the community garden, in exchange for giving Louise's nemesis Logan an unpaid internship at the restaurant so Logan can get into a competitive summer program. Bob find's his happy place, while he turns the restaurant into a living hell for Louise and Linda, due to the presence of Logan and his mom Cynthia, who camps out in the restaurant to write Logan's essay on his crappy job.
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And there's a musical number, with butt-shaking and dancing plants! It's magical.

Tina tries to get the details on what it's like in the boys' locker room, but can't get Logan to clarify the size of the towels, or really provide any information at all. In short, he's pretty useless, but he does get recognized as Employee of the Month. Next month might be Louise, even though Tina really deserves it.
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The Bob's Burger Wikia page for Burger of the Day lists the following three burgers for this episode:

1. A Good Manchego is Hard to Find Burger
2. The Garden of Eden Burger - Served with Apple but Eden is rubbed out and replaced with E-dumb and CR is inserted at the beginning of apple, making it The Garden of E-dumb Burger - Served with Crapple
3. Shoestring Around the Rosey Burger
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The musical part was wonderful. Why don't they do that in every episode?

Also, Bob talking to his plants was the highlight of the show.
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I loved the bean plants laughing too soon at his joke.
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Bob needs a spin-off series of short films called "32 Short (Or Lengthy) Conversations With Inanimate Objects."
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I think you mean "... Inanimate Dancing Objects." It wouldn't work without the dancing (by Bob and The Objects, which is also the name of the show's house band).
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I hope the garden gets picked up out of the alley and becomes a background gag in later episodes. Like the bashed up ice cream maker.
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I'm okay with them not dancing. Any episode which features Bob doing both sides of a conversation with an inanimate object is good in my book.
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