The Sex Lives of College Girls: Season 2
November 22, 2022 8:20 AM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Kimberly is trying to figure out how to pay for Essex without her scholarship. Bela is trying to start a new humor magazine. Leighton is trying to come out of the closet. Whitney is trying to find something to do after soccer season.

And they're all still dealing with the fallout of turning in Theta House for its cheating ring; the fact that they're in Vermont and it's about to get really cold out; and a "climate refugee" next-door neighbor with many abs and a performatively loud sex life.

The Sex Lives of College Girls streams via HBO Max in the U.S., premiering two episodes a week through December 15th, 2022.
posted by Etrigan (2 comments total)
Okay, very excited for this! I enjoyed S1 way more than expected based on the series title.
posted by kittensyay at 8:49 AM on November 23, 2022 [1 favorite]

I really enjoyed this show, binging through seasons 1 and 2 quite quickly. The amount of sex they get is *maybe* a bit unrealistic, but it's a fun romp through college through the eyes of 4 roommates. The writing is great, and it feels very original, yet I get a small touch of nostalgia for my college days while watching it.
posted by hydra77 at 8:16 AM on December 13, 2022

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