24: Live Another Day: Day 9: 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
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Jack and President Heller put themselves through hell in order to stop Margot Al-Harazi from going through with any more attacks; at the same time, Kate takes drastic measures to find Margot's hideout, while Jordan finds himself in a life-or-death situation.
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Is Heller dead? It's incredibly hard to imagine any way he might have survived the drone strike, but there's two things that have me wondering: a) Heller's death wouldn't warrant a Silent Clock? b) There's still an unfired Chekhov's Gun in the form of the jacket Heller had asked for in the previous episode. And perhaps it's significant that the same agent who brought Heller the jacket is the one who saw Jack and Heller off in the helicopter.
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That was the line of dialog I felt was odd last week: when he asked an aide to bring him "the suit", the suit he wore when he skyped Margot Al-Harazi. He must have a dozen suits with him on this trip so why did it have to be THAT black suit.

In my mind, I had a whole scenario worked out that the suit was special in some super-secret-high-tech way, but then he was wearing a sports jacket and cap during the Wembley scene which threw out all my hologram theories.

Also, seems like the helicopter could've landed inside the open-air stadium and taken off again and then there wouldn't have been the business of how to get inside.

So... something.
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I'm really, really trying to enjoy this season, but I can't. The last few seasons had been retreads of the same ideas and storylines, and it felt really tired. The all-in-one-day gimmick had run its course for me. When they announced it was coming back, I thought they must have had some new ideas, some fresh take in mind, but they really haven't.

Sure, it's shorter, but that's just cutting out the bloat of the past few years. Adding the kickass female Jack is nice, but she's not really doing anything except enabling Jack to do whatever he wants (which he continues to do without any repercussions). Chloe's transformation doesn't seem to have actually changed anything about her. And we've got the same high-ranking turncoats with no discernible justification for their actions.

We've got another villain that doesn't seem to have much of a plan, a national security network (or two) that doesn't have much of a clue, and a threat to a major world city that doesn't seem to be particularly upsetting anybody.

Anybody else have a different read of this?
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I only download 24, which lets me watch it at double-speed. Trust me, Jack Bower's gun interrogations are much better that way.
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I only download 24, which lets me watch it at double-speed.

I was in Iraq in 2006/7, and there's not much to do at night but pass around DVDs. One of my co-workers figured out that if you run 24 at 1.5 speed with the subtitles, you miss absolutely nothing thanks to Kiefer's delivery, and you can tear through a season in two nights.
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My favorite part is when Jack put the bandaid on the President's boo boo. By which I mean the 4 inch scalpel incision. Jack kissed it and made it all better.

I was gratified to see Yvonne Strahovski hold a gun to a doctor in order to wake a dying patient to get the Big Secret from her, and who cares if "the bitch" dies. Let's see... She's on the outs with the government, she's been tortured, she's giving Chloe orders via cell phone, and now she's forced a doctor to help commit murder. She's one syringe full of smack away from completely taking Bauer's mantle in the ongoing seasons.
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Who needs subtitles? If Jack is pointing the gun at someone, he's asking them where something is (usually a bomb). If he's talking on the phone to someone at a computer, he's telling them he's running out of time.
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Yes, this series is very tired. And I'm so sick of the atrocities that are OK when the good guys do them. This show is a poster child for Doing Evil So Good Will Result.
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