24: Live Another Day: Day 9: 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
June 10, 2014 6:48 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

President Heller and PM Davies have a frank discussion. Jack questions Simone, while Kate talks to Yasmin. Heller asks to see Jack in person.

Oh, yeah, and Margot Al-Harazi blows up a freakin' hospital with a drone-launched missile in an attempt to kill Simone, after she learns Simone may have been warning Farah and Yasmin about the upcoming attacks. That fails, thanks to the information Jack gets from the phone of the assassin Margot had sent to kill Simone, allowing an evacuation of the hospital before the attack. Margot and Ian realize Simone, Jack, and Kate have escaped and try to target them with the drone's remaining missiles, but fail.

Navarro's contact is Adrian Cross, formerly of Chloe's hacker cell, who realizes someone at CTU the CIA is on to him. Navarro sends Jordan out into the field on a fake package retrieval to get him killed, but Jordan survives the attempt.

Heller denies to Davies that his health issues affect his ability to carry out the duties of the Presidency, but admits his doubts to Mark and Audrey. A (secret service?) agent brings Heller a new jacket, and Heller tells him to tell no one, including Mark. Heller, alone, contacts Margot directly to discuss his surrender.
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I have to wonder who decided to make Chrysler the big product placement sponsor for a TV show set in London. I mean who drives in London at all? Maybe the Wikileaks/White Muslim Terrorist bad guys will manage to track Bauer at some point with the congestion charge network. And then it's an American car, complete with steering wheels on the wrong side for England. And the whole "I'm being chased by a killer drone!" action montage was just terrible, awful. Sadly it was the most interesting part of this episode.
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This is definitely an accelerated season: I'm as bored now as I usually am at the 18-hour mark.
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I will never not love two things:

1) switching cars in a tunnel so you can't be followed
2) bricks on an accelerator

So I obviously was pulled into this episode - even if the driving drove me crazy because I couldn't stop thinking "remember next time somebody cuts you off, they could be trying to escape a drone attack."

I also enjoyed a hospital getting blown up more than any decent person should.

The "Mark meets with the Russians secretely after forging the President's signature" is committing the biggest not-torture 24 sin: giving a character I don't like and don't care about a plot that is boring and annoying.

On the flip side, I also don't really care about the whole "Navarro is really the Chinese secret seller" but I was overly concerned with the fate of Male Tech Character Whose Name I Don't Know.

You never know what's going to work for you on this show and what won't.

For example, I would watch a full hour of William Devane and Stephen Fry yelling at each other.
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Thanks for reminding me: that Russian guy has the creepiest facial hair. Kind of a lower-lip fringe. Or a chin mustache. Please don't let that become a thing! (((shudder)))
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2) bricks on an accelerator

Any excuse to link to Fr. Ted...
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Male Tech Character Whose Name I Don't Know.

That'd be Jordan Reed and he's totally adorable isn't he? I think he may be my new TV boyfriend now that Michael Ealy is tragically not returning to TV as the lovable sarcastic robot cop. Jordan is played by Giles Matthey, formerly of True Blood and also formerly Jony Ive.

Glad I'm not the only one finding the show a bit tedious all of the sudden. I think Etrigan is right, this is just the lull before the B plot kicks in. At least now that 24 is really 12, there should only be one weak transition episode like that before the thrilling 4 part conclusion. My money's on Jack stealing an RAF helicopter at some point and shooting down a drone. With either no discussion about where the wreckage lands, or else him miraculously making it crash into the Thames. (Except one small part which flies into Stephen Fry's nose, straightening it.)
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(Except one small part which flies into Stephen Fry's nose, straightening it.)

Holy crap, that one where he's lighting a cigarette is just painful to look at.
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Still watching but not gripped at all this season. And really, really appalled at the willingness to make targeting a hospital part of the entertainment genre. This show knows no limits, does it? Also, Margot is about as one-dimensional a villain as one gets -- she seems completely devoid of normal human emotions and affections.
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