Bullets Over Broadway (1994)
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[TRAILER] Struggling 1920s playwright David Shayne (John Cusack), having failed to secure financing for his latest work, reluctantly makes a deal with mob boss Nick Valenti (Joe Viterelli) : a Broadway debut with the chance to direct, as long as Nick's flibbertigibbet girlfriend, Olive (Jennifer Tilly), plays one of the lead roles. As Olive and star Helen Sinclair (Dianne Wiest) attempt to upstage each other, Olive's gangland bodyguard Cheech (Chazz Palminteri) starts suggesting changes to David's script.

Also starring Jim Broadbent, Harvey Fierstein, Mary-Louise Parker, Rob Reiner, Tracey Ullman, Jack Warden, Debi Mazar.

Directed by Woody Allen. Written by Woody Allen, Douglas McGrath.

95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently streaming in the US on Hoopla. Also available for digital rental on multiple outlets. JustWatch listing.

Today, I'm going to post six movies that are problematic and/or made by/starring problematic people, but also either: have merit/are acclaimed; won some awards; are very popular; have a certain amount of cultural cachet. I'll be tagging these #problematicmovies.

The film is delightful and award-winning and still deserves talking about. But no one can truly blame you if you recoil at the filmmaker.
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By the way, if you love Jennifer Tilly (and she is a comedic genius, so why wouldn't you?) she's absolutely fantastic on the tv series Chucky, which is terrific and hilarious and everyone should watch it, thank you.
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It has the advantage of Woody not actually appearing in it, and also one of best scripts he’s ever written. It is a great movie by a problematic man. John Cusack and Chazz Palminteri are great and Dianne Wiest is spectacular.
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There's a point in which David Payne has just gotten through an unnerving situation, and is at a bar and asks the bartender "I'll have a double anything." I've been looking for an opportunity to use that.
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Don't speak, don't speak.
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