Wind Chill (2007)
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Two college students share a ride home for the holidays. When they become victims of a hit and run during a snowstorm, they discover that the snowstorm is not the only deadly threat they face.

Starring Emily Blunt and featuring Martin Donovan. Currently available for stream or rent.
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Ramping up my yearly christmas horror viewing, I threw this on suspecting it would be disappointing. And it is!

The real horror is a creepy dude gets character rehab when confronted by a far worse creepy dude. Also the script is something of a mess even with that. Basically, it's not even an interesting mess.
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I saw this just a couple weeks ago and had the same reaction: "Yes, I see your rhetorical trick but no thanks. Dude may not have been a racist ghost but he was still a stalker, and she was only in that situation because of choices he made. Redemption arc denied."
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