Parks and Recreation: Gryzzlbox
January 27, 2015 5:26 PM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The city of Pawnee is violated when Gryzzl starts invading the privacy in everybody in town. Leslie and Ben investigates the problem along with Donna. Also, Tom becomes Andy's agent to help him with his TV show troubles. Elsewhere, Craig's seeks help from April on the new Parks and Recreation interns.
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I actually really like their super optimistic view of tech gadgets in 2018. Super cheesy, yet... wouldn't-be-surprised.
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Shotgun in the rain Ron Swanson is my new favorite Ron Swanson.
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Let me preface this with the fact that I love April Ludgate and Aubrey Plaza, but:

I am so glad that someone called her on her shit. Yeah, we get it, April, you're above it all and everything sucks and the world sucks and being an adult sucks and blah blah blah. It's amusing when you're 18 and going through the motions of working at some dumb internship; it's just "being an asshole" when you're an employed adult human being. And why didn't anyone point out that she met the love of her life because of that dumb internship etc.?
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This episode was verrrrrrrrrrrry good. In addition to the aforementioned calling April on her shit and Ron Swanson, shooter of presents (Christmas must be fun at his house), Craig wasn't screaming! And was tolerable!

We're all gonna be Gryzzl-padding in a few years, you know it.

And of course, just like in real life, there's nothing you can do to stop companies from stalking you. *sigh*
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I can't wait for my Amazon gift box. Woot, woot!

Johnny Karate lives on.

I loved the moment Ron tore up the photo of his son the second after Leslie handed it back to him. I was also delighted to have reference to Ron's family.

The Star Wars hype continues!

"Everything in your novel has come true!"
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Forgot to add.

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Oh, another thing: the stuffed pigs are reminding me of the pigurines on Raising Hope.

Yeah, bet nobody else made that comparison.
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As someone who has both been someone who was "always over it" and currently has little to no time for people who are "always over it", I loved the conclusion of the April particular plot thread so much. I also liked how it got there.

I also found this tech and privacy arguments in this episode a perfect fit to the Parks universe -- totally over the top but completely believable in the show's universe.

Also, not that I am too attached to these characters, but when Ben said that Pawnee's Free WiFi from Gryzzl was Icetown all over again, I literally shouted "Oh no, Ben, no, it's not your fault" at the screen.

I will also never, ever tire of Perd.
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So this season of P&R is kinda kicking ass. I laughed hard several times. The characters were all at their best (yes, April needed a smack upside the head, but it was done well).

The best part of of Ron's privacy crusade is that, while hilarious, it's barely satire. You pretty much need to be as militant as Ron is to genuinely keep your life actually private at this point.
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I love how all Pawnee celebrities are completely insane.
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