Abbott Elementary: Sick Day
December 1, 2022 10:22 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

After Janine eats a bad tuna sandwich, Ava is forced to substitute for her class.

On the one hand, GODDAMN AVA IS SHALLOW AND ANNOYING. On the other hand, ONCE IN A WHILE she comes through a wee bit.

I did appreciate how people started to be all "Hey, Janine would get the coffee machine fixed if she was here," as well. She really is the Leslie Knope of this show.
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I wonder if this is the start of a turn for Ava towards being less of an asshole. I find myself really hoping so.
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I also really loved how sincere and courageous Gregory was while confronting Ava and how he defended Janine and her plans so vigorously. Great scene.
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Oh my God, that Amelia Bedelia joke.
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THE AMELIA BEDELIA JOKE I came here to talk about that joke. GD that show is hysterical.
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I was legit surprised that Ava actually paid attention to and read children's books previously.
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The only good thing I'll say about Ava even after this episode is that I always hated Amelia Bedelia too.
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"It's only a scheme if you're at the bottom of the pyramid."

I loved how Jacob and Gregory sticking up for Janine. Tasha seems nice though. Not everyone needs to like each other, and that's fine.

"I'm feeling better already. I'm pretty sure Space Jam was based on a true story though, and they just don't want you to know."
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"That was in a memo. That's short for memorization, so you guys should remember that."
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