Abbott Elementary: Attack Ad
November 3, 2022 9:42 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The teachers are appalled after seeing a commercial in support of charter schools criticizing Abbott Elementary; Janine and Gregory talk about Janine's relationship with Tariq.

Half a sandwich is consumed and we learn that Jacob is a mezzo-soprano.
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Leslie Odom Jr.!!!!
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Even before finding out he was one of Barbara's students, it made perfect sense that not even a hit piece could bring itself to say anything bad about her.
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The charter school arc might be interesting but hope they have more than softballs. Not sure why I'm hoping for non-softballs in softball: the tv genre but they really get me fired up. Guess this is also supposed to be a funny show, not just an outrage essay but fuck charter school systems. Profit-run society is ridiculous.

Tariq is a fun character and I kinda wish he had a bit more depth to be be to stay around more but if they're gonna give him one-note they've used it well so far. The half-sandwich cracked me up good.
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Tariq can't remember what Janine's favorite movie is, but Gregory knows it! (Also I love how Gregory still takes care of the garden but denies doing so.)

Jacob trying to save face after initially ignoring the lawyer was so tremendously awkward, yet a classic Jacob move.
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Btw, Leslie Odom Jr. is from Philly and attended Philly public schools :)
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