Leverage: Redemption: The Fractured Job
December 6, 2022 12:11 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Eliot backstory, fracking and poisoned water, Sophie self-doubt, and a guest appearance by Aldis Hodge as Hardison that's so lighthearted it's practically weightless.
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snaaaaaaaaaaaake it's a snake a snake
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"Hey, dorks in space, I've seen this movie." Hardison looked so happy floating! "Scuze me, I'm calling from a satellite, anyone wanna talk to me?"

"Welcome to the cookout. You in the family." "WHAT?"

"Eddie's a sweetheart, he only attacks if you get too close to him, I learned that the hard way."--best eyepatch payoff since Ruprecht and the fork in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

"Well, if you are dying, please let me know so Hardison can prep your robot body."

That hoarse voice Sophie was doing was the worst one I've ever heard out of her.

For all the implied "Eliot DOES NOT GET ALONG WITH HIS DAD" stuff over the last bunch of years, this was not what I was expecting, on many levels. I was expecting his dad to be a dick, not just...he's adopted and dad didn't want him to go into the military.

"Next time I'll finish telling you about the robot bodies." "Dammit."
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Not related to the plot, but it jumped out at me when there was the establishing shot of the city, the prominent building had a blurred-out logo on it (which happened to be visible from the next cut/angle anyway).
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That hoarse voice Sophie was doing was the worst one I've ever heard out of her.

Hilariously, we watched this and the very next day talked to a Connecticut lawyer with that exact speech pattern.
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Speaking of voices, Keith David has one of the world's greatest.So good.

Hope we see Eddie the snake used again, what a great way to clear a room.
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