Welcome to Chippendales: An Elegant, Exclusive Atmosphere
December 15, 2022 2:01 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Indian immigrant Somen "Steve" Banerjee works at a gas station and spends his nights dreaming of being the next Hugh Hefner. A chance encounter with a centerfold model and her promoter husband sends his business plan in a new direction.

Currently showing on Hulu in the US.

(Somehow, I could have sworn this was already on FanFare, but I couldn't find it, so I am going to post the first five episodes that have aired so far.)
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I’m really enjoying this so far. There are a lot of laughs and fun, though the true story it is based on is pretty dark. I am interested to see how it goes. I feel a lot for Steve in this episode.
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I adore Kumail Nanjiani anyway, but he's put his whole heart into this role and it's amazing. I don't know if the material is quite up to all he's giving it but I also feel like that's just what he does (I liked Eternals much more than a lot of people but he totally committed in such an adorable way). I do think he brings a lot of complicated humanity to Steve -- he's not likable but I also want the best for him, even when I know how all of this plays out. The rest of the cast is good but he's really carrying this.
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Thanks for posting!

Halfway through the e01 and I'm hooked.

Kumail Nanjiani is a treasure. "Chippendales! Like the cabinet maker! ... Its classy."
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I adore Kumail Nanjiani, so while I wouldn't normally have been interested in this, because the subject of the strippers/dancers still makes me cringe and I'm haunted by my friends dragging me to a club in the '80s, I had to watch for him. The other actors who've been showing up are just a great bonus. I thought they did a pretty decent job with Dorothy Stratten, even though I think they toned down what a piece of shit her murderous husband was.

Kumail is doing such a good job of creating a character who's painfully awkward and doesn't recognize how much his demons have control of him. I think the script for at least this first one is a little shallow in that they keep relying on those moments of sudden inspiration coming from random places; it's always a sign of weak writing to me when characters are just struck by something and instantly have a "eureka!"moment. But otherwise I'm really enjoying it, and they pulled me in right away with the setting and the way it's unfolding.
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After listening to Welcome to Your Fantasy podcast (I'm under the impression that it and the show were in development at the same time), I wasn't 100% convinced this show needed to exist, but it's been done pretty well so far.

It seems like streaming services have discovered our collective appetite for prestige-adjacent treatments of period you're-wrong-abouts (American Crime Story, The Crown, Mrs. America, etc.), and I'm pretty much here for it.
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For some reason I had no idea that was Dan Stevens
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When we watched this episode, I had just decided that this was primarily a comedy and so I was in for a pretty rude surprise. I think this is excellent, but it's definitely something I will need to take in infrequent, small doses. We watched this ep a week or two ago and still haven't moved on.

Nanjiani is SUCH an excellent actor, and it's very cool to see him in a very different role!
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Whew! I started watching this because I love Kumail Nanjiani. Obviously I knew Dorothy was in danger but I wasn't expecting her to be murdered, and that early in the show. It turned my stomach a bit and I am nervous to get into the next episode now. I rarely watch anything with violence and I can't shake it off easily.

The awkwardness of Steve's interpersonal skills is palpable through the screen! The way he just stands slightly too close to people, staring and waiting for them to speak.
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