Star Trek: Prodigy: Mindwalk
December 15, 2022 7:33 AM - Season 1, Episode 18 - Subscribe

To protect Starfleet from the Protostar's weapon, Dal must reach out and touch someone.

I am become Memory Alpha:

• Janeway's line about becoming a salamander is a reference to the infamous VOY episode "Threshold" (FF previously).

"As your doctor, I order you to drink this coffee. Get it together!"
- Dr. Noum

Poster's Log:
Brett Gray does an excellent Mulgrew. I would've known which character he was evoking even if the show hadn't told us.

But of course, Mulgrew as Dal is much more fun. Pretty sure no PROD has made me laugh this much. It feels like, as wackadoo as VOY often got, Mulgrew didn't have many opportunities for comedy in it.

I spotted Defiants, Centaurs, and Akiras in the final scene; maybe an Excelsior or two.

Poster's Log, Supplemental:
Someone out there is gonna Zoom-and-Enhance on that nice stationary shot of the Dauntless MSD, from when Dal-in-Janeway first emerges into the corridors.
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I am 100% here for Janeway acknowledging "Threshold".

Kate does an amazing job of mimicking Brett's vocal Dal mannerisms, but the animation just brought it up that much more. SO MUCH of these characters is movement, and the team did an amazing job carrying that over.

BUT... It's a little weird that two different Trek properties did body-swap episodes this year (both in their first season), and I think SNW did it better.
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I dunno, as much as I love SNW and "Spock Amok", part of the fun of doing a body-swap story is to have a significant disparity between the swapees, and Janeway-Dal is a bigger disparity than Spock-T'Pring. And they really made it work; I can just imagine Mulgrew giggling at some of D-Janeway's lines. "Teamwork makes the dream work" is an actual book.

Minor quibble: granted, she's the vice admiral, but shouldn't someone have remarked on Janeway's missing combadge?
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Not only was this a real fun Freaky Friday episode, it also moved the plot along quite a bit. I'm still mulling over the scene where The Diviner frees Dal-as-Janeway and expresses a softening of his feelings for the Federation.

The Diviner is a big "the ends justify the means" kinda bad guy; he's out there feeling a-OK about child slavery on the grounds that he's going to save his whole species. I keep waiting for someone to put it all together and call him out on the fact that his species is 100% totally fine right now, he bought himself more than enough time to save them with his time traveling, and he'd be way more successful with a simple cards-on-the-table subspace call instead of his entire plan where he's a monster.
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My speculation regarding the Vau N'Akat is that the Diviner and the Vindicator (Ascencia) were part of the anti-Federation side in the civil war, and that their problem wasn't just that there was a civil war but that their side lost or was losing. If the anti-Fed side was very much in the minority, all that might happen if the Diviner called them in the present day is that the current rulers might go, "A Federation, you say? And what was their subspace frequency again?"
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In E16, the Vindicator says that the Diviner was initially "enticed by starfleet's lies".
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I love both my Trek body-swap shows equally for bringing different things to the table. It must have been so much fun for Mulgrew to play. With regards to the body mechanics, I am assuming that the way a character moves is programmed in for CGI - so maybe they applied each character's body motion to the other's appearance? At any rate, this was SO enjoyable. One little touch I loved is that when both Janeway and Dal come back to consciousness in Dal's body, Murph is right in their face.

I was skeptical at first, but this is really fantastic Star Trek.
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