Leverage: Redemption: The Pyramid Job
December 27, 2022 11:01 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Yup, it's a pyramid scheme episode, featuring "Magic Baby" and a lady who can smell a rat in Sophie.
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"Brom-com!" "It's like a romance, with dudes."

Parker walking Harry through "sex-ay complication" and bromance flirting is...quite a thing. As is Harry's stash.

I cracked up at Sophie "knowing" the remaining 5 steps "because those are the tenants of a bunch of self-help novels." And then "Mama Debra" is right on seeing through her, including the accent...

Brianna's coworker slowly thinking out "pyramid scheme" cracked me up so bad.

The whole "rebirth" concept is depressing AF even in that world.

Parker is "14 months" pregnant. "Pregnant bellies are so great at hiding stuff. Nobody ever talks about that."

"Harry gets a sword fight and I get stuck in a cubicle?!"

I don't think they've been nailed for lying this much...in quite some time, if ever? (I don't recall)

"You want truth? Your brandy is watered down and your Cubans are fakes!"

"You see, I'm a bit of a lie detector too, and I've been listening to your bollocks all day."

"Perfectly good explanation for this too!" -Parker after her belly shifts to the side.

"I have met some babies who belong in prison." -Parker again

I'm not sure what to make of the underlying "Sophie betrayed guys and they went to prison" plotline.
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I nearly sprained my eyes rolling them at the fed cars with "NCC 1701" on them. Quite an enterprise.
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I know Leverage is ham-fisted at the best of times but this episode seemed particularly heavy for no good reason other than setting up Sophie's redemption arc a bit more than has already happened. As good as Mama Debra is at being a human lie detector, nobody is perfect and Sophie should have been able to bluff her way out of the situation or just denied that she was lying. I also have a hard time believing Mr. Wilson, a skilled and crooked lawyer and negotiator is so bad at lying and improvising and thinking on his feet.
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I will say this: I am a human lie detector at times. I don't know how often people lie, per se, maybe I'm not picking up everything and I can't speak for anyone who's electronically lying. But in person, I can somehow "just tell" if someone is thinking the dead opposite of what they are telling me, somehow. I always feel like I have to be polite about knowing darned well they don't mean what they are telling me, but I can tell. It's like two things are going in opposite directions instead of being congruent, is about as close as I can describe it. Sometimes I can tell when a person THINKS they are telling the truth, but there's some kind of little psychic "ping" of wrongness that goes off about what they are saying--in my experience, that person probably thinks they are being truthful but there's something deep down within them that knows they aren't totally true.

I found it interesting that Sophie ran into a grifter who happened to have that particular talent. I don't know if Sophie has ever run into anyone else before, but I would absolutely say that Sophie needed to make her thoughts congruent with what was going out of her mouth at that point. Further BS and lies would have been noticed. I would have said to stick to the truth as possible around someone like that.

Yeah, I dunno on this whole Sophie plot. Obviously she is long past being that kind of abandoning asshole now, so why are we bringing this up?

I dunno on Harry and his lying skills. It may be one thing to lie in court, versus playing an entirely different person in a scheme.
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Well, it's hard to say how bad they are at lying since the twist turned out to be that they wanted to get caught in order to set up the broadcast; unless they threw that together at the last minute without mentioning it to each other?

It's a bit hard to tell how clever the writing is supposed to be underneath all that cheese.
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The MLM hate is strong in the writer's room, but it could have been a bit stronger for my tastes. Also as much as I would like it to be true, having people in the scam/cult be told that it's a pyramid scheme doesn't actually deter the true believers. They'll just move on to some other system. :(
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Noah Wyle yelling hearty vroom-vrooms with the camera on Eliot's furious face was funny. Wyle sure does know what show he's on.
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