Willow: Prisoners of Skellin
December 28, 2022 10:43 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

There's a rescue mission going on, and we meet someone new and interesting.

...Yeah, I don't really have time to write this up today, but Christian Slater is a delightful addition to the show to really bring that "Madmartigan" energy. Like I wish they'd just recast the character with him, honestly.
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I forgot: AV Club review.
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Really hope I am wrong but with only two episodes remaining it feel like the ending is going to be .. unsatisfying.
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If it had to be a cameo stand in, I'm glad that it's Christian Slater in the role.

iirc, they're rl friends and Kilmer was doing Slater a solid in a cameo in 'True Romance' ?

I did not expect them to just... walk... across the "lava." Nor just find the wand.
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Yeah, I would have been absolutely 100% content to have Christian Slater recast as Madmartigan. I mean, if you're going to bring the character back, that feels like an almost reasonable substitution with a 30 year haze over it? I mean, only if it's ok with Val, naturally.

And yeah, the ... whatever the hell that glowing floor was wasn't at all what I was expecting, but my wife called that they'd find the wand as soon as they ended up at the floor level. It's OK, it's not clever. On the other hand, they could have used that to pivot to a "the magic was inside you all along anyway, you don't need a wand to perform magic" sort of story? "No sorceress has ever cast strong magic without a wand or a staff, you're more powerful than any recorded magic user in the past!" etc. I Have Notes.

I was amused by Sarris and the banality of evil, office life Trolls.

And I assume everybody is basically bored with Airk in the fuzzy watercolored desert dream side of things, right?
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while i enjoyed the quips, somehow the whole episode was really boring. slow paced, never felt tense or like they weren't going to escape. wasn't at all surprised that the wand showed up again though i thought it would have been hysterical if Ellora cracked it in half when she stepped on it and then pulled off one of Kyol's suggestions in the previous comment.
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