Willow: Beyond the Shattered Sea
January 4, 2023 8:31 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Time to go on the weird sea that makes you trip balls, or ....something?

I'm not sure what the heck went on in this. Please, someone, tell me? I just noticed some people got new hair. (Love the red, Elora! Nice haircut, Airk!)

AV Club review.

"He tells her it’s okay to drink from the pool that looks like the evil elixir the trolls were brewing in the mines."

Um, even if it looks like some swirly cocoa drink, I don't think I'd drink that if I were you, bud." Also, the hot chick Airk makes out with is definitely the crone, right? Call it a hunch?

Kenneth is darned cute and rainbow, though.
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In a traditional fantasy tale, the girl is definitely the crone and her minions are the knights who tried to save her.
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Magic/Fighting Training Montage
Evil Make-Over

Elorah and Princess miseryfaces jackets.

At first I thought they were denim which kept utterly shredding any immersion, but on a rewatch they appear to be some waxed moleskin type fabric (?) but the pockets had rivited buttons and metal zips which again.. No.
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On the upside, I'm having some success describing the typical D&D adventure shenanigans as "Have you seen Willow the TV show? A D&D game is like that."
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I do sort of hope that the whole Airk side of things actually gets some semblance of explanation instead of hazy watercolored dream desert & suspiciously toxic looking liquid and oh hey it's one of the sand snakes from GOT oh wait but IS she who she says she is and hey that's a snazzy haircut and leather outfit now, Airk!

Also, Elora's outfit continues to perplex.

I'm sure it will all get nicely wrapped up with a bow in the next episode, right?
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