Special Event: The Return of Blaseball
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Blaseball has Returned. After a series of Falls in which players and... game mechanics?... fell out of the Black Hole that consumed everything at the end of the Blaseball beta, Games have Commenced. Official Blaseball website. Previous Blaseball posts.

The Game Band's official Message at the start of the season:
Previously on Blaseball, the Black Hole consumed the universe as we knew it. As of late, the Black Hole has been burping pieces of Blaseball back out to form a new universe. The void above us contains multitudes— all sorts of players, mechanics, and information that will continue to fall into place as we go, shaping Blaseball around us. If you’re new around here, that’s all you really need to know.

We’re starting simple. This is a foundation for you to acquaint yourself with the game. As the Era progresses, the Black Hole will burp out new features and surprises that will gradually build on your experience. The Black Hole might burp out an anomaly or two that will surprise even the developers, but that’s the Blaseball way. Embrace the void; embrace the chaos.

Blaseball went out with a bang and begins with another. This is the Big Bang- cacophonous and loud, chaotic and messy. A new beginning. We’re so excited to show you what we’ve built. Welcome, and play ball!
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I'm sad that the Chicago Firefighters have been moved to the Awful Evil league. (They are, however, still in Chicago.)

It is possible that Blaseball can never regain the heights it reached during the pandemic, but I, at least, am still following it.
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Seems like we're in hiatus again -- I'm not sure what happened, I wasn't paying as close attention this time. Anyone have a summary?

(They are, however, still in Chicago.)

As are we all!
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Seems like technical difficulties, I wouldn't be too worried yet.
posted by JHarris at 5:37 AM on February 8

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