1991: The Year Punk Broke (1992)
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David Markey's documentary of life on the road with Sonic Youth and Nirvana during their tour of Europe in late 1991. Also featuring live performances by Dinosaur Jr, Babes In Toyland, The Ramones, and Gumball.

Currently available for rent/sale from Amazon in the US.

Trailer, DVD trailer, movie (a YouTube video that will someday be taken down), outtakes, review (Variety, 1992), review (LA Times, 1993 premiere), review (NYT, 2011 DVD)
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Is this the one where Kurt is playing a solo to a cheering audience and then leans to the camera and says "This is known as 'the blues scale'"? Or is that from the outtakes thing Markey put together after?

With the suicide and the drug addiction and the mental health struggles being so prominent, people rarely talk about how fucking funny Kurt Cobain was.
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It's been a while since I have watched it, but that sounds like it was from the outtakes. Pretty sure I would have remembered that.

Watching all those bands was awesome. This is the first time I had heard Madonna, Sean and Me (Sonic Youth) live and it just blew me away.
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