Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991)
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Documentary following singer Madonna on her controversial Blond Ambition tour in 1990.

Trailer, trailer, review (Roger Ebert, 1991), review (Peter Travers, 1991), review (Midwest Film Journal, 2021)

Released internationally as 'In Bed with Madonna.'

Available on VHS, LaserDisc, DVD, and Blu-Ray. For rent/sale in the US from Apple, Amazon, YouTube, etc.
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I saw this at the cinema and all I strongly remember is that Kevin Costner came across as the Most Boring and insincere Human Being On Earth.
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This is one of the more enjoyable backstage music movies ever.
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I saw this in the theater and do not remember a single second of it. I think it's worth a rewatch.
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Likewise: I forgot I had seen it, and then forgot that I had forgotten until I read this thread. Looking back, I recall exactly one second: Costner declaring the show was “neat,” and I have a vague recollection of the mockery of him once he left the room.

Two hours of my life in 1991, reduced to a second or so of video. So it goes.
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I also forgot about it, but remembered two things: 1. a bemused Warren Beatty hanging around for a bit, and 2. Madonna admitting that Sean Penn was the love of her life, in a moment of candor she seems to regret putting on camera.
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I saw this in high school because my then boyfriend was obsessed with Madonna and wanted to see it. (Yes, he did turn out to be gay, and yes, I'm aware that I should have realized that at the time.)

Four years later I was briefly involved with a guy who had been part of the security team for the Toronto show that is partially covered in the film. He told me he's actually in the movie, in the background of one scene, although I've never rewatched it to see. And he told me that when the Toronto police came to investigate possible public obscenity issues with the show, they were paid off. He saw the money changing hands.

Those are my Truth or Dare memories. The documentary itself I could take or leave. It's reasonably watchable, but it doesn't have much to say. I enjoy some of Madonna's music, but I've never found her very interesting or thought she has much depth. She's just a pop star who was very good at packaging and repackaging herself and at getting people's attention.
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