Abbott Elementary: Fight
January 14, 2023 6:32 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Gregory's dad comes to visit the school.

I LOVE how Gregory's secret garden tending finally comes out in this episode. "Like a Planta Claus." It's hilarious. Did anyone plant anything right? "A few of the weeds are yours..." Dad asks him to join his company (rather than the fake actor playing his son), but Gregory says no.

In other news, Janine tries to Parent Trap two enemies. It does not go well, or like the videos she's seen on animals. "Here is where you can see Joya is full of poo." The kids even call in their sisters to fight. However, weirdly enough, the older sisters hit it off. "We both like butterflies. And beating other people up."

"Janine, don't make me call a seventh grader to beat you up." -Barbara

Melissa is doing some fantasy football shenanigans with Ava. I don't do fantasy football so I have no clue what is going on with that.

Will that kid grow a lemon tree in him? "....Let's go to the nurse."
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Melissa is doing some fantasy football shenanigans with Ava. I don't do fantasy football so I have no clue what is going on with that.

The "waiver wire" is made up of players who aren't currently on anyone's fantasy football team. Melissa sees that a very good player is not going to play that weekend, but that his backup is on the waiver wire. Fantasy players' ability to pick that player starts at a particular time, so she arranges to have Mr. Johnson be occupied at that exact moment so he wouldn't get the backup player, but Mr. Johnson has already arranged for Jacob to get the backup off the waiver wire at that exact time.
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I love this show - everyone is so perfectly cast, and the writing is *chef’s kiss* so funny and relatable, even if you on the surface cannot relate to any of it. Also Tyler James Williams could teach a PhD level acting class on how to express emotions with eyes only.
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Orlando Jones was perfect casting for Lt Col Eddie. I was braced for a painful episode so I was pleasantly surprised Gregory's dad was proud of him.

It cracked me up that Barbara and Jacob pay so little attention to the garden that they each assumed the other was responsible for Gregory's work but had never discussed any of it.
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"Hit 'em one more time, Barbara."

Sheryl Lee Ralph and alliteration == perfection
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