Leverage: Redemption: The Museum Makeover Job
January 17, 2023 8:27 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

When a Leverage International team’s museum heist goes awry, our crew goes in to finish the job, ultimately realizing they’ve been lured into a trap by a treacherous old friend.

Which is to say that Sophie's got her old mentor Ramsay, her stepdaughter Astrid who now works for Interpol, and the previously-on vengeful Arthur all on her tail. Cliffhanger!
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This one felt a bit grimmer than the rest, and also made Piper seem much less sympathetic, showing her history as an actual thief.

Harry's character continues to amuse though.
posted by Marticus at 2:11 PM on January 18

Hm. I think this one was... overstuffed. Too many characters, too many threads, none of which really quite worked - there were some fun small bits but I feel like they really didn't integrate the Sophie's backstory arc well into the whole season, instead jamming it in to two or three episodes, and so I'm not especially engaged by it.
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I think the Astrid / Parker nemesis storyline would have worked a bit better if we'd seen just a little bit of the chase.

In the earlier seasons, they'd have flashed back to like 30 seconds of backstory instead of making Reisgraf tell a tale for a minute and a half. (They did this for Eliot describing how he has beef with the Butcher of Kiev in season one and it's still one of my favorite storytelling tools in the show. I wish they'd kept doing it.)
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Would have been difficult to pull off. Parker says that Astrid was after her and Hardison, which makes sense given the ages of the people involved -- Astrid doesn't look to be the age the crew is.

So they'd have needed Hodge or some creative shooting with a stand-in to pull that off.
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