Leverage: Redemption: The Crowning Achievement Job
January 24, 2023 9:50 PM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

When a formidable enemy steals the Maharaja’s Crown and traps the crew in the museum, the Leverage team must find a way out and the crown before they go down for the crime.


"A case of the venties."
"Don't ruin my wallet with your stupid arts and crafts."
"You're Leverage now." Love Brianna being "Harriet Wilson" and doing her version of him, hahahahah. AND THEN SHE DOES ELLIOT.
Um, seriously, Parker doing Clarice Starling? What was that? He didn't peg THAT name?
Of course Sterling's giving Astrid a promotion.
"There's not a lot of good bad guys."

Nice resolution with Sophie and Arthur and Astrid. I am pretty curious about her "Duchess of Hanover" days now.

AND HARDISON'S STILL IN SPACE "just in time to help out with absolutely nothing."
"I was thinking y'all could come get me."
"Parker, babe, you've always wanted to break into NASA, right?"
Oh, come on, I want to see a space con!!!!
"You had me at zero gravity, homie."
"Brianna, you're gonna need an astrophysics degree."
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Well, that was fun as always, with a nice reversal for Astrid.

Since I love to nitpick, I just want to point out that the subtitles are just as shoddy as the scripts and often use completely wrong words. Still, love this show.
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I’ve been happy to get so much backstory on Sophie.

I think Parker’s character has been pretty poorly written in the new series but I’m also re-watching the older ones and I guess she’s always been pretty wacky but I just feel like it was somehow subtler and funnier in the older episodes or at least balanced with a little more humanity/emotional vulnerability.
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"A case of the venties." Oh Parker, never change.

Also Eliot spotting MI-6 "It's a very distinctive search pattern!" is a lovely callback to that phrase from previous episodes.

Breanna getting to do so much this season and it's great.

That scene at the end with Astrid and Sophie was great. "I never let anyone put limits on me." (sob) Then with Sterling as a deus ex machina, though it would be nice to see him again as well.
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I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought "Clarice Starling" was too mainstream a reference.

Astrid's arc didn't quite feel earned to me, like we lost half a scene somehwere that we needed to keep. The writing overall didn't feel tight.

I wonder if the Sterling name-drop is foreshadowing him coming back next season. I'd be fascinated to see this super secret Interpol Leverage Unit, and what relationship they might have to Leverage International, especially now without the Nate antagonism.

I agree that Parker almost seems like a charicature of herself. I wonder how much of that is the loss of Hardison and the dynamics there.
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