John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City (2018)
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John Mulaney relays his childhood and Saturday Night Live, eviscerates the value of college, and laments getting older in this comedy special.
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One of many recommended in the question I asked yesterday!
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This was funny but interesting to watch since he started recovery from cocaine with so many jokes about it!
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perfect timing for this post! we're going to see him live tonight here in Copenhagen in a couple of hours!
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So, I was a fan until he called his wife a bitch publicly a few times(?) and not long after, divorced. Undecided about him since then. : /
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I saw him live just the other night and, while still very funny and a very skilled comedian, his set is quite a bit darker/more adult than his previous "I'm just a big child" routine. He speaks quite a lot and quite frankly on his rehab journey. One of his warm-up acts had a routine that was 40% jokes about weed, 35% jokes about killing onesself, and 15% some sort of thing about abortion and how "jews got the good stereotypes" which was so bizaaaaarely out of step with the kind of white, middle class, middle aged person that is into John Mulaney here in Sweden.

The special the thread is about is kinda perfect though and really part of what built his audience. Hope everyone enjoys it, and hope JM's recovery goes well and he can put that stunning timing of his to lots of use going forward.
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