Let the Wrong One In (2021)
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A young supermarket worker discovers that his wastrel older brother is a vampire and must choose whether to help him or slay him.

This Irish spoof of vampire films feature Anthony Stewart Head (AKA Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as cabbie vampire slayer.
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This was very silly.
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This is a very gory horror comedy that spoofs on other vampire films (as the title alludes to). I enjoyed the beginning, but as the movie went on it began to wear me down. The "Should I kill my brother who was always a bit of a git to begin with?" question gets asked so many times and every time the little brother caves to help his older brother just as he did when the brother was alive and a drug addict. I WANTED the older brother to get killed and for the younger brother to become the next full fledged vampire hunter especially since there are no vampires like Angel (BtVS) or Edward (Twilight) who don't kill humans. Unfortunately everything gets hand waved at the end with the older brother and the girlfriend getting ikea coffins. So somehow vampirism transformed the older brother from being basically a drug addict who doesn't care about anyone to a decent person capable of having a healthy relationship. I get why they did it, but it just didn't work for me.
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Not imaginative and with nothing unexpected, and without a lot of depth. But some laughs all the way through.

I watched it while I folded laundry and it was perfect for that.
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