The Owl House: The Owl House Season 3 (Full Season)
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Luz and friends do their best to wrap it all up in 3 episodes!

This is the end of the run, and not only does Luz need to reunite with her mother, but also to help her friends return home.
And maybe save the day in the Boiling Isles!
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The third episode isn't out yet, is it?

I am So. Pissed. Off. that because of homophobia we're basically losing what would have been the first half of season three, with the whole of the in-the-human-realm part reduced to one (admittedly excellently done) opening sequence and episode.

Anyway, that aside, I am utterly loving what HAS been on the screen so far! Trauma with consequences! Adorable romance! Creepy enemies! Realistically bad decisions!
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I don't think the third episode is out. I thought that just before the final episode was peak time for talking about the show.

I haven't seen any of season 3 yet. I just started the show very recently, and finished season 2 yesterday but didn't find it on fanfare so I posted it.

Was this show really cancelled because of the queer characters?
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Not officially. But it was hard not to notice that during Bob Chapek's mercifully short tenure as Disney's CEO, he:

-- cancelled the popular, critically-acclaimed Owl House and slashed the final season down to three episodes

-- cancelled the animated movie of Nimona when it was already 75% complete (and three former staff members stated the film received pushback from Disney leadership, centered around the film's LGBT themes and a same-sex kiss)

-- prevented the theatrical release of Everybody's Talking About Jaimie

-- refused to make any statement against Florida's Don't Say Gay bill until the rest of the company publicly rebelled over his silence

At least things are proceeding in spite of him; Owl House is getting some kind of ending, Netflix picked up the pieces of Nimona and finished it, and Everybody's Talking About Jaimie came out on Amazon Prime. But man, I do not miss that guy.
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Interesting. I don't keep on top of any of that and I'm kind of glad!

I just finished episode 1 of season 3, and so much happened! I can see how maybe there was enough planned for a full season.
And Luz has such a good mom! She's got a looooot of books on the go.

I really didn't think that flapjack would be harmed!
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Oh I hadn't heard that it had been cancelled. That's really too bad - it was a favourite family viewing show (we have so few shows we watch together so when one goes down it feels like an attack). It does explain why that first episode of season 3 was so jam packed.
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Episode 3 - that's the final finale ever - was just dropped onto Youtube yesterday.

Here's the link.

It's an emotional endcap to what was an fantastic show. It wasn't so much developed and released by Disney as it was birthed and managed to escape.

Everyone involved in this show, including the fans have been treated with the utmost disrespect and I sincerely hope this won't have long lasting effects on the creative team.

So thankful we got the show and it got an ending, but so angry about everything else.
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I'm also glad it got an ending with lots of time to show glimpses of all characters.
I didn't really like the build towards high stakes drama, but seeing temporarily super powerful Luz was pretty cool.

I've been enjoying these comics intermittently. I set that there are many of them! The few I've read seem to have the correct vibe
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