Shrinking: Fortress of Solitude
January 28, 2023 4:48 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

To get Sean out of legal trouble. Jimmy reconnects with his estranged best friend--trying to hide it all from Paul. AV Club review here.

So Sean's in legal trouble and gets kicked out of his parents' house, ending up at Jimmy's.

Jimmy's best friend is a SUPER PERKY AND CHEERFUL LAWYER ("Everything goes my way!") who storms in and does things. Jimmy has been ghosting him for a year because he can't take the friend's SUPER CHEER while mourning the wife that he last saw when he was fighting with her. I totally get that, that guy would be hard to take while sad.

Alice (his teen daughter) is being mom'd by neighbor Liz these days, as she can answer as to what she's doing to the counselor better than Jimmy can. Alice is also talking to Paul off the record. Alice considers ditching Taco Tuesday with Liz to have dinner with Jimmy, but Jimmy's doing pickleball with the best friend, so she ends up going to Paul's and watching the basketball game.

I note that Paul is apparently estranged from his own daughter and has Parkinson's, sigh.
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I think Jimmy should have at least a month of attempting to be a good parent under his belt before the neighbor got told off. He's been "present" for, like, two days. The neighbor might be a little invasive, but she was clearly welcome/necessary for the last year? Seems like that should earn her a bit of graciousness from Jimmy's crew.
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I agree, 'back off' has not been earned yet, but there's definitely an interesting dynamic with Liz and her empty nest syndrome, compared to her husband who made some comment about Alice being the daughter he didn't know he had.
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