Shrinking: Fifteen Minutes
February 3, 2023 6:48 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

"I do this thing where I grieve hard for 15 minutes a day." AV Club review. Sean awkwardly lives with Jimmy now. Paul hits Gaby's new Tesla. Gaby's getting divorced and already has a new dude. Jimmy tries the 15 minutes crying thing...WHILE RIDING HIS BIKE. This is a bad idea.

And then he catches Grace back in the country and talking to her husband. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I enjoy the quotes in this, though.

"That was your friend? I thought it had passed.... One zombie orchid coming right up."

"We don't like Pam!"
"Eat a dick, Pam!"

"I miss straight Brian! He used to say things like, aren't vulvas gorgeous?"

"Sure, and you don't have to sign your texts."
"Great. --Paul--"

"Jimmy makes me fight people for money. "
"That's not true, it's just some good, clean, consensual assault."
"That sounds like fun."

"I passed the driver's test again!"
"Cool, I just shit my pants!"

"High school boys don't even care if you have a face."

"Paul, you can't just be running around Pasadena getting in black women's Teslas." (I note that per recent experience of an acquaintance, it literally takes MONTHS to get a Tesla back from being rear-ended.)
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Oh yeah, forgot to mention the Aziz Ansari-lookalike in the beginning of the show that gave me the deja vus.
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The first two episodes left me kind of lukewarm - I had been waiting for the show to begin for such a long time, my expectations ran too high. I watched Ep2 again yesterday, and it made more sense and so tonight I just finished Ep3 (Fifteen Minutes).

I am warming up to the cast and to the story. I have to stop comparing the ensemble cast to that of Ted Lasso, and let the story run on its own terms.

Looking forward to next Friday's segment.
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I’m enjoying this so far! I liked this interview/review with Jason Segel [NYT / Archive] where he said he’s using his ‘good guy currency’ for evil with this show.
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The unexpected appearance of Wendie Malick hooked into some hidden id thing; I was so happy to hear her voice.

I don't really like Ted Lasso, but I'm enjoying this. The appeal least 70% Harrison Ford, so if they kill him I'm not watching it anymore.
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I was amused at the Brett Goldstein note in that NYT Segel interview:
> “Because he has that thing: He’s funny, he’s a great actor, inherently likable,” Goldstein said, adding a few expletives.
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