Extraordinary: Is it enough to be extra ordinary?
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Extraordinary is a British superhero comedy television series created by Emma Moran. It was released on the Disney+ Star platform internationally, and Hulu in the United States, on 25 January 2023. The series was renewed for a second season on 23 January 2023, ahead of the series premiere. The main character is Jen, a young woman who lives in a world (London) where everyone has a superpower except her.

I found this equally charming and funny - and surprisingly dark in places. I was especially impressed by the way superpowers were integrated into everyday society (hint: anyone who wants to put on a costume to fight crime is generally laughed at).

Note: there are throwaway gags in the background of nearly every scene. Keep your eyes open.
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This was so good! Dirty but big-hearted, super well-written, and frequently cackle-out-loud funny. The King Charles episode was brilliant and sexy.
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Also, “Hercule” is the absolute best boy.
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"Some people can see through walls, and that's okay."
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I'm two episodes in and I'm loving it. Reminds me a little bit of Broad City.

"I've actually played the world's smallest violin and it's much bigger than that."
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My wife and I LOVED this - especially the first 3 or so episodes - I've been recommending it to everyone I think would be remotely interested. The needle drop music choices feel like they used a laser targeting system just for my brain specifically.

I hate to say it, but this show is basically everything that I was hoping Doom Patrol would be. Fun, funny, yet full of pathos, and above all *interesting*. There are one-off joke characters that I want to see fully explored in their own multi-episode arc..."I can turn anything into a PDF...yeah, anything....".

We've seen this kind of superheroes/superpowers ain't all it's cracked up to be many times before (The Tick, Mystery Men, Wild Cards, hell...even the X-men really... But this felt really fresh and wholly its own thing.

Great performances too, and Luke Rollason (who plays Jizzlord/Hercule) is like his own special effect all by himself. I really, really hope that they're making more seasons of this show.
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He's credited in the first episode as "Human Cat" (alongside "Cat Cat", Annie).
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Nice! I'd note that there are mid-credits extras. I started composing a Fanfare post in episode 2. It reminds me of "What We Do in the Shadow" because, having powers doesn't mean you're not dumb.

Episode 2:
There was fun with the soundtrack that made me laugh, along with learning the wrong lesson from a sudden shapeshift.

I like the actor who's like an even weirder cross between Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe. I'm a sucker for cloudcuckoolanders though.
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I liked the gag that right outside where they live there is a closed up comic shop. Because of course it would be.
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Ack! I completely missed the comic shop joke!
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I like how they settled on the name 'Jizzlord' for the cat, and blithely continued when he turned back into a man.
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I'm a sucker for misfit superhero stories--Great Lakes Avengers and the like--and this scratches that itch so good. Channeling History's Greatest Monster just so that they can taunt him was priceless.
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Oh, yeah, also, in a similar vein, I recommend the short run No Heroics.
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Does anyone know who did the voice for the monarch Carrie was channeling? Recognised them but couldn’t place it.
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Marticus: No Heroics is hard to find. Any pointers?

ellieBOA: Which episode?
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Episode 7
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Just finished watching. Liked it a lot. Glad to hear a season two is already planned!

My spouse has a theory about Jen's power.
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Oh, me too! Does she also think that Jen *already* has a power, but it's a really subtle one, so nobody has noticed it? I'm saying this based on her sister getting super-strength but not knowing it until she tried to open a fridge door and tore the door of its hinges.
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Yes, exactly -- and she thinks she knows what it is.
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The credits say Charles II, Julian Rhind-Tutt.
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@kyrademon, does she think it's the ability to get forgiven for just about anything, given time? That's my number one theory.
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She thinks it's the ability to affect other people's powers, based on people who have suddenly had their power turn on (Andy, Hannah) or turn off (Jizzlord, Luke) when Jen is around.
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Ahhhh that does make sense!
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I have never identified with a character more as I did when Jen was around the dentist whose power was that everyone around them generated their own soundtrack.
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Finished the season and really looking forward to what they do with it. It does seem like she's an on/off switch for powers, and that it might be activated by strong emotions; that could be a really, really dangerous power, especially if she gets back together with the occasional FWB who can fly.
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We loved this show. There wasn't a single flat episode.

I especially love that the world of the show can have a character experience a touching moment of realization that results in her running around the city shouting "Jizzlord? Jizzlord!"

When the last episode's mid-credit scene started I was expecting something significant to happen with Jizzlord, but I was not expecting that!

Here's a link to a list of all the songs used in the show.
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I'm thinking Jizzlord is not actually a human with the power to change into a cat.

He's a cat with the power to change into a human.
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How did it take me until The Merry Monarch to realize that they're Kash and Carrie.
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Just started watching this and am absolutely loving it! Like Derry Girls with superpowers.
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Returning to add: I was inspired to watch it by this review, good for sharing with friends who might like the show: The Funniest SFF TV Show You're Probably Not Watching.
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A post for Season Two.
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Just started this after seeing the season two post.
A few episodes in and it's really fun!
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