Extraordinary: Extraordinary Season 2
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Extraordinary, the delightful British superhero share-house sit-com is back with Season Two.

In a world where everyone gets a superpower on reaching adulthood, our mid-20's protagonist Jen is still waiting. Shenanigans involving her lovable housemates, cat, boyfriend, eccentric family and quest for meaning ensue. As in Season One, the fantastic writing, cast, soundtrack, costuming and art direction continue.

A review.
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Oh hell yes.
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Loved the 1st season of the show, and I thought this season was also fantastic. Really hope they get picked up for another season (or more!). Appreciate a comedy where the characters can grow and change. I liked how Kash had more to do than just be an awful boyfriend, and the ghost summoning sequences (from Sofia Oxenham) are much improved.

Still in crazy love with the show's 5th lead character: the soundtrack. I put together Apple Music playlists for Season 1 and Season 2. They don't have *every* song, some aren't on Apple and/or I just couldn't find 'em, but it's mostly complete.
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I am more convinced than ever that kyrademon's spouse is correct - Jen already *has* a power, but it's nothing anyone has ever seen before or can recognize because she's the first metapower (a power that affects other powers). Especially when agitated, she can switch others' powers on or off (and maybe even alter them? I find it interesting that her stepdad just "learned a new use" for his power, after having it for decades). Which would subvert the entire "letting her dad go", but this show has never been shy about subverting tropes.

Other topic: where did she wind up? NOT on a big pile of garbage, which suggests that the Void sends things to random locations so it never piles up, but she DID recognize something out of our field of view. Could it be Milton Keynes?
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