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Bilal Baig and and Fab Filippo's comedy about Sabi, a nonbinary millennial in Toronto, their friends and their Pakistani immigrant family, deepens the characters as it brings Sabi's father back home from Dubai. Hilarious, heartfelt, sex-positive and very queer, with excellent writing and acting and great music. 8 short 20-minute episodes. (Season 1 post, Season 2 trailer.) On HBO.
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I love this show so much; it's smart, funny, emotional, flows beautifully and is so well put together. Sabi is one of the most believable, relatable people I've seen on TV in years, and the supporting cast is full of great characters. I was wary when last season set up The Return of Dad as the driver of this season, but that thread went to surprising places, including a sharply handled interaction with the local imam.

Loved the evolution of Mom, the continuing honest looks at clubbing, drugs and sex, the perfectly imperfect friendship between 7ven and Sabi and the deepening look at Bessy and Paul's relationship. Oh, and Henry - loved his reaction to finding out about his mom's past, and the kid playing him is really good at what he does.

A new fave show, for sure.
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A couple of things I wasn't convinced of:

1. Olivia ghosting Sabi after trying to set up a threesome with her husband felt very odd. Season 1 Olivia wasn't the kind of person who'd be that upset by a comment like "you're flakey" from Sabi, who was obviously on ecstasy at the club. She'd talk about it.

2. I felt the final scene between Bessy and Sabi was a misfire, the kind of excessive romantic complication that sitcoms often do in later seasons when they run out of ideas for the characters. I get Bessy's attempted kiss earlier in the season but not Sabi responding like that. I hope they drop that in any future seasons, but suspect they won't.

Still a great show, though.

(Edited to add: season 3 is a go!)
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I found out unrelatedly a few days ago there was even a season two of this show and I was shocked that I had heard nothing about it.

It's very charming and I really love the cast.

I was cheering for the healthy stability of Wolf and I don't get this whole Bessy thing tbh. Whateverrrr
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