Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You (2022)
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Taylor is a girl struggling with mental health, grief and dating. Follow her journey as she shares an intimate look of her life in a hilarious way.
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One of many stand up specials recommended in the question I asked 😊
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Taylor Tomlinson is a GREAT comedian. She’s insightful, she’s self-aware, and her writing is tight. Also, she looks a lot like apple-cheeked Carrie Fisher in the first Star Wars.
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I love her! Her bit about "you don't miss being in your 20s, you miss the complete lack of responsibility" made the rounds from me to my other girlfriends quite a bit!
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This special is one of the funniest ones I’ve seen in a long time. Watched it back when it came out, then watched it again about a month ago. Her timing is impeccable, and she inserts little details that are easy to miss, but adds that little kick to the piece.

Speaking as someone with lifelong severe depression, her riffs on her mental health history are freaking hilarious.

She played here in Indy back in December. I so wanted to go see her, but just couldn’t swing it.

Take your arm floaties!
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I've got tickets to see her in April and even if she just does all of Look at You verbatim it'll have been worth it.
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In her Maron interview a couple years back, she gushed about growing up to WTF, and Marc recognized her as an absolute, dues-paid pro despite her age.
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Don’t miss her earlier Netflix special Quarter-Life Crisis.
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She also did a 15 minute set on “The Comedy Lineup” on Netflix, which came out before Quarter-Life Crisis, which was also very good.
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"...Look at You..."

Saw this a few months ago, and she is good. Have held off watching Quarter-Life but will soon
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I've got tickets to see her in April and even if she just does all of Look at You verbatim it'll have been worth it.

She’s going all over Europe but annoyingly not coming to Paris! And it’s a new set, The Have It All tour.

Don’t miss her earlier Netflix special Quarter-Life Crisis.

Next to watch!
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This was amazing, thanks for posting it and sharing!
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We're gonna see her when she comes to Oakland. Very excited, her comedy has been such a wonderful discovery. Very few have had me crying laughing like her.
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Netflix just signed Taylor to do two more specials. Yay!
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Awesome! I hope one of them will be the Have It All tour so I can see it after all.
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Just got back from Have It All! Very awesome. Was my first ever comedy show live, so I didn't know what to expect. But she crushed it, and was really, really funny. Worth checking out!
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Did it match up to Look At You? Tickets just went on sale where I am and they are SPENDY.
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