Night Court: Blood Moon Binga
March 1, 2023 10:33 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

A blood moon brings out some of the weirdest cases New York has to offer along with a surprise visitor; Abby's mom, who's carrying some secrets; Gurgs suspects Dan knows more than he's letting on; Olivia and Neil stumble on the truth.

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I'd hoped for one of those "A Day in the Life" episodes where the focus of the plot was on the wacky court cases since the show premiered, and this was pretty close to that premise but without the rapid fire delivery or ticking clock element. A blood moon (even seen during the transitional shots between scenes outside) brings out all the most unusual cases including vampires and a werewolf. The original series had something of a supernatural undercurrent, so who's to say if these creatures of the night were the real deal or not?

Dan mentions a few of the stranger cases from the old days involving an invisible man, an alien who just wanted to go home, and a doll that came to life. These are all from actual episodes of the old show, although only the living doll may or may not have been real. The others were men with delusions (the invisible man was Seinfeld's Michael Richards!).

Faith Ford (of Murphy Brown) guest stars as Abby's mother, Gina. She and Dan have history, but not the kind you think. It's initially teased that she's one of Dan's former conquests, but she's actually someone that he prosecuted back in the old days (offscreen). She and Harry reconnected years later, fell in love, and moved upstate. Abby never knew the real story... or her real name. In classic Harry Stone fashion, she's not Abigail but Abracadabra Stone.

Every week I feel like I say "John Larroquette continues to be the backbone of the show", but it's true. He elevates every scene he's in.

Oh yeah, and Neil has a crush on Abracadabra.
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I want them to ramp back on the "You know, back in the old days..." winks just a bit. Maybe go one episode.
posted by Etrigan at 9:24 AM on March 2, 2023

They're getting better at writing for Lacretta, I think. She got laughs out of me several times.

I identified hard with Olivia in this one. I grew up in a very emotionally-closed-off family, and the whole thing where Olivia is amazed that Abby and her mom, like, talk to one another, appear to like one another, actually support and forgive one another? I have been that outsider looking in.

Once again, I appreciate the humaneness in this show. Abby's mom screwed up, several times, but she's forgiveable and forgiven.

(FAITH FORD! THAT'S WHO THAT WAS! I was racking my brain the whole ep.)
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Wifwolf! Gurgs keeps finding new ways for me to love her.

"I see dead people. ... no, like the one next to you."

"I can keep a secret but I can't speak for Pam." ...


One of the extras had a sequined dress on. So 80s!

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WIFWOLF! English etymology joke! CORRECT English etymology joke!

I salute whichever writer got that into the script. As a former linguistics student, I was CHORTLING.
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This feels SO MUCH like the old show. I think this episode is the one where the seams really disappeared. I hope they do seven seasons of this.
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