Spoonful of Sugar (2022)
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A disturbed babysitter experiences a sexual awakening while using LSD to alternatively treat a seemingly "sick" child from a family with dark secrets of their own.
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Unable to cut and paste the description from the AMC Plus website, I dutifully copied it from the text on my TV screen, because I want anyone who reads this to understand why I had to watch this movie immediately. This is, without a doubt, the most incredible blurb I have ever read, and while the film does not live up to it, it does try.

The first half hour or so is pure rolling WTFery, in which a premise that starts out weird doubles down every scene, until you're not at all sure what you're watching or where it's going. Unfortunately, where it's going soon resolves into something pretty clear and familiar, and the interesting ideas are eaten by the evil Lifetime movie this for some reason wants to be. Ah well.
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Needs a David Yow tag!

Looking forward to seeing this.
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Yeah, I didn't vibe on this.
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