Shrinking: Boop
March 11, 2023 12:15 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Alice goes to a garden party. Women won't talk to Paul. Michael wants to disinvite Jimmy from officiating his wedding. Liz, Sean and Gaby go to her ex's art gallery opening. AV Club Review.

I felt so bad for Gaby when it turned out her new "friend" was her ex's new "muse."

I also laughed the heck at the Japanese Breakfast ("well, you can eat it at home!" "It's a band, asshole!") stuff.

Paul is now addicted to sticks. Thanks, Alice!

I did kind of appreciate how Jimmy said to Michael that he was hurt and going to need some time.

You know what? We don't see enough of that girl in the bad marriage. Though frankly, my experience of dealing with a friend in one is pretty much Jimmy's. Well, you know how I feel, he's an asshole, but you stay anyway. What else is there to say unless you ever want to leave?

"I can be a jerk. That's why all of my friends are rocks." -Liz
"They either want to attack us or fuck us." -Paul on peacocks.
"Guys, come on, I said no drugs, they're wrong." -Summer
"He loves thumbs in the butt." -Gaby
"The painter is a butt man." -Gaby
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Fun little side missions this week. Season two has been confirmed.
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Oh, Harrison Ford is the MVP of this episode, which was way funnier than it should be, given how miserable everyone is:

(Jimmy and Brian are hashing out their feelings about Jimmy not officiating Brian's wedding, when Paul shouts to scare the peacock away)
"Sorry, got bored."


"Hey, you guys know Luke? Is Luke here?"
(Luke raises his hand)
"Stop trying to fuck your English teacher."
(other partygoers murmur, "You have to let her go.")


"You coming, Paul?"
"I'm not done scaring him yet."
(Chet swallows )
"There it is. Good night, Chet."

Honorable mention: Sean, for "You know, I could call it "White Guilt Catering."
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Yep, loved Paul in this episode. Him scaring Chet killed me.

The exchange between Jimmy and Alice at the end: “I fucking hate you!” “Well, I fucking love you!” And his nod and small smile to himself. So good.
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Fantastic episode. I've been watching alone but my spouse was in the room for this one and he was loving it too. (I don't mind re watching things so I may re watch with him.) I'm overall so in love with Jessica Williams in this. I think she's hilarious and shines here. And Harrison Ford is fitting so well in a comedy.

And oh boy I called that muse switcheroo in a millisecond (not that they tried to hide it) and had to brace myself for when the reveal would be! I was angry for her already.
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“Mmm. That’s good stick.”

This is the role Harrison Ford was born to play.
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Nobody remembers this book but me, but there was a book called "Don't Care High" by Gordon Korman and one character was perpetually addicted to "stick," in his case licorice.
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"Good night, Chet." wrecked me. I'm sure it works if you don't remember the Huntley/Brinkley sign-off ("Goodnight, David. Goodnight, Chet.") but this was just perfect.
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