Shrinking: Moving Forward
March 17, 2023 6:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

It's Jimmy's dead wife's birthday this week. Paul is getting a lifetime achievement award and Gets Up To Something With Someone :) Gaby's ex wants to get back together. Sean hits Liz up for business money. AV Club review.

"I mean, you can leave out the dream where she cut off your penis, but yeah." -Jimmy to a client
"-but I'm gonna fuck forever!!!" -Gaby now has hope.
"I love scanning these documents. If you'd let me do this as a kid, I would have never played football." -Sean
"Paul's been nominated for a Grouchy. They give it to whoever can spend the most time pissed off for no good reason." -Sean

"Mason's ten years old. What's he going to do, gamble and whore?" -Paul
"Hey, Vegas is for families now." -Sean
"So what he's saying is you and your grandson could gamble and whore together." -Jimmy
"He'd never be able to keep up. I go hard." -Paul

"So thank you for your safe, safe dick." -Gaby
"My dick doesn't like to be called safe." -Jimmy
"How about working-class dick?" -Gaby.
("He loves it!")

"I got a new job with my dad."
"How's that going?"
"I am very grateful for the opportunity."
"Oh DAMN." -Sean and Alice

"What is safe dick?" -Paul

"Am I allowed to make fun of the hat?" "I wouldn't." -Jimmy and Paul
"Before you get back to that newsroom from the 1940's..." -Jimmy

"So I see you are serious about White Guilt Catering." -Liz
"I'm not sure I settled on the name, but yeah." -Sean

"Hey, D-Train?" "Whatup, G-Spot?" -Derek and Gaby

"You're invoking the rock?!" -Liz

I seriously didn't realize the hot lady do was Wendie Malick now that she's a blonde until I got a closer look at her face (rather than her legs).

"I love fourth grade musicals." -Paul

Okay, actual commentary: I'm happy for Paul schtupping his doctor, but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed legally....? That IS his doctor, right? I felt bad for him when his daughter didn't want to go to Vegas, but maybe later?

Liz giving rocks to only a few people (2 out of 3 kids) is a hoot.

Not sure how well Jimmy can handle a wedding...
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This seems like it's gearing up for a happy ending for everyone and I Do Not Trust It.
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Honestly I'm a bit worried about Brian. This is the first geniunely bad thing that's happened to him on-screen and I'm not sure how Mr. "Everything Goes My Way" is going to handle it. (I don't count the disaster proposal, because he did engaged at the end of it, and it was honestly a more romantic proposal than the over-the-top public thing he was planning.)

Other thoughts:

- As I was watching Sean make his plans for his catering business, I was thinking that what I'd like most of all for the character is for him to get his business going well, and for him to move out of Jimmy's house. But Luke Tennie is such a delight to watch that I'd miss him terribly.

- Jessica Williams was so great in the scene at Paul's apartment where she's bouncing between excitement and nervousness and embarrassment and ogling Paul's girlfriend.

-Loved this bit:
Paul: Gaby, academia is the fifth circle of hell. It goes babies, musicals, magic, kale, academia.
Gaby: Don't come for magic. You know I went to magic camp, okay? I can pull shit out of your ears that would astound you.
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I remain absolutely dazzled by how well this show handles the tricky balance between tragedy and comedy. Jimmy's intense facial contortions after just reading the word "marriage" out loud are incredibly funny, even if they come from an incredibly relatable pain.

Heck of a thing to see Neil Flynn briefly showing up just for the heck of it, but, well, he does have a way of showing up in Bill Lawrence shows, so
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Flynn also had a small part in The Fugitive with Ford about 30 years ago.
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Brett Goldstein Faces Life After ‘Lasso’ [NYT / Archive] I had forgotten he co-created Shrinking.
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