Bad and Crazy: Full Season 1
March 13, 2023 11:30 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A corrupt yet practical detective's life suddenly changes when a mysterious assailant thrusts him into the case of a missing woman linked to an up and coming politician.
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I'm only on ep 3. It's kind of like if Tyler Durden was formed out of an outraged sense of justice in a corrupt world. Ryu Soo-yeol is morally ambivalent in his drive to succeed and his conscience has HAD IT and is striking out in a flamboyant way-like flying kick to the face of privately corrupt publically virtuous politician on the steps of the court house flamboyant. I've been really fascinated by Wi Ha-joon's post Squid Games choices like Midnight and here as K (the name he goes by). He's definitely fun to watch here chewing the scenery while delivery some spectacular fight sequences. There's even one with oil. Not to the same level as the one in the Transporter, but still fun.
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I really enjoyed this one a lot. I mean, yeah, I'll watch Lee Dong-wook stare at a wall but he really broke with his normal characters on this one and was really delightful.
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So I'm almost at the end. Most of this was fun, but the last three episodes are HEAVY. The tone shift from most of the season is pretty severe. I was not expecting the mother to be so endangered and the Big Bad of the season to be quite so malevolent. That's why I've slowed down on binging because watching her struggle is markedly different from the rest of the show. Still enjoying it just much more emotionally challenging.
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