Hansel and Gretel (2007)
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A man on his way to help his sick mother crashes his car. Trying to find help, he mets a girl who takes him to her house in the woods.

Seemingly rescued by a young girl after crashing his car, Eun-Soo discovers that the idyllic house and happy family hosting him are hiding brutal secrets.
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The premise is supposed to be a reversal of the original story. Instead of children being victimized by adults, an adult becomes the victim of children. The movie is visually stunning. The set design is both beautiful and creepy.

The story, unfortunately, is flawed. Instead of trusting the audience to understand the story, the movie feels compelled to offer long expository episodes that are both boring and unnecessary. In addition, for me the original idea-three seemingly charming children are actually quite vicious is thrown out in favor of the more palatable-these kids have been abused and abandoned so they aren't bad kids (ignoring that whole cannibalism and torturing others thing) but merely abused kids gifted with power. So kinda a mixed bag here.
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