Schmigadoon!: Doorway to Where
April 5, 2023 8:58 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Josh gains a sunshine hippie roommate while Melissa tries to get him sprung via a lawyer and some undercover work.

While in jail, Josh meets his cell mate, Topher (played by Schmigadoon's Danny Bailey), a young hippie who wants to find his purpose in life. Melissa hires Bobby Flanagan (played by the Countess from Schmigadoon) to be Josh's lawyer, and she suggests that Melissa go undercover at the cabaret to find the real killer. After a tumultuous audition process, Melissa, despite being not as skinny as the other girls, gets the part, upon the advice of café owner Octavius Kratt, and becomes roommates with Jenny Banks (played by Schmigadoon's Betsy McDonough). Josh's press conference ends in disaster, as everyone still thinks he killed Elsie Vale. Topher's friends from the Happiness Bus bust him and Josh out of prison.
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After the first two of these for the start, we'll be looking at weekly releases on Wednesday. I thought there are enough easter eggs here to justify a post per episode.
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The challenge here, and the part that might give me the most delight, is figuring out how to get all these musicals set in disparate eras to fit together. I admit the A Chorus Line homage somehow snuck up on me. Pippin is nominally set around the year 800, though I think that'll turn into more of a Hair–type thing.
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I was feeling Pippin/Hair/Godspell. I’m not too worried about time period given that season one spanned Oklahoma (early 1800s) up to WWII for the Sound of Music references and averaged the 1910s. So if this season takes the leap back to Sweeny Todd and nearly to the 70’s for Hair we’re averaging the 1930’s.

I loved the look on the narrator’s face as he was stuck out of genre on the live bus.
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Melissa is me in theater, the "wildebeest." Sigh. I liked this interview about literally being chained to people while you sing, though. That would make me Very Nervous.

The happiness bus is calling your name!!! Also, they blame murder on jazz here...

Separating Josh and Melissa is an interesting choice for this one (I mean, more than they were last time, physically).

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Damn it, show. I did not need any help renewing my massive crush on Cecily Strong...but here we are.

I'm really looking forward to the Sweeney Todd pastiche. I'm generally not a musicals guy, but of the musicals I've seen, it's probably in my top three.
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I'm just here for Titus Andromedon.
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So nobody ever notices that their money is from the future?
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Conrad Birdie in jail was 👨🏻‍🍳😘
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On a rewatch I caught some musical cues from season 1. We get "You Make Me Want To Sing" over Josh and Melissa (and may also have played over them being romantic in episode 1." I am pretty sure I caught a little string of "Suddenly That's All That Matters Now" over Melissa and ex-Doctor Jorge. The music Jenny puts on is definitely "With All Of Your Heart."

And new catchphrase "This isn't about you, Topher!"
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Jane Krakowski's attorney (Billy Flynn, "Chicago") listing where she got her degrees (my B.A. from BU) followed by "and my L-E-G-S from G-O-D."

Aaron Tveit's self involved hippie. Titus Burgess' Narrator. Ariana Dubose's Emcee.

What's really wild is when the mashup references occur within one song. So we have "A Chorus Line" at the Kit Kat Club ("funf, sechs, sieben, acht!"), and one of the dancer's childhood story is actually that of the von Trapp girl. I lost it.

I think the "Big Spender" parody also had a brief musical reference to "G*psy." (And of course the song illustrated what would've been considered "shocking" to some 60s audiences is "so what?" in the 2020s.)

IOW it can get very inside baseball, and I luv it.

I might have also mentioned before that Cinco Paul has had my dream career.He's written Disney animateds, and now Broadway musicals for TV.
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Aside from the theater kid squee, I love how their relationship has actually changed in this season. S1 they were bad to each other; this season they love each other, have each other’s backs and give each other what they need. It’s subtle but obvious too. They’re really on the same page. So I’m really buying that the next step is to build a happy life for themselves despite the mundaneness of adulthood.
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I'm racking my brain trying to figure out who Octavius is a reference to, as this is solidly my era (even if I recognize Hey Big Spender from Forbidden Broadway, rather than Sweet Charity)

it seems like the composer can't quite get Sondheim's harmonies, but has been nailing most of the rest of it.

And reading St Peepsburg's comment, it struck me that that journey for Josh and Melissa is So Very Pippin.

Props to the show for gender-swapping Billy Flynn (Bobby, baby) and the Emcee. And interesting choice to very much not dress the ensemble in all black as a policy.
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