Schmigadoon!: Bells and Whistles
April 12, 2023 12:38 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Josh grows hair and joins a commune. Melissa goes to the bad side of town. Bobby shows off her skills.

"Obviously I'm a human miracle."

OMG JOSH GREW HAIR and doesn't wanna get mandatorily naked. "I'm seeing a lot of moles I'm worried about."

Kristin Chenowith does an EXCELLENT alt-Hannigan. Love it.

"We've been getting naked and telling parables for months, and somehow nothing has changed."
"Well, there's probably more effective ways to protest."

"Oh no, I already hate this."

"Who wants to get naked again?"

Alan Cumming is also killing it as the butcher.

"First of all, oh noooooooo."

"I shall call this MY JUSTICE CLEAVER."
"There are other steps you could take before going full Leatherface?"

Love Bobby's entrance to the court trial. In a skimpy outfit. On a swing. From the ceiling.

"Bells and whistles are all you need, and a comprehensive knowledge of the law!"

I feel kinda bad for Octavius only wanting women who don't want him...but also, yeah, he kills them apparently.

And we resolve the murder trial and lead to....a guy who won't take no for an answer well targeting Melissa. OMINOUS!!!
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Hats off to Jane Krakowski for keeping her comprehensive knowledge of the law so tight.
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I was already here for this show, but the Sondheim pastiches have me so here that I've bought a house in it and am running for local office.
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OooooOoOooHhh that Octavius JCS number. Yes.
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Impressed with how they even copied the musical style of Sweeney Todd for the butcher bit.

A little bit worried about the orphans being the worst brats in town and the butcher's sausages also being the worst brats in town.
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A little bit worried about the orphans being the worst brats in town and the butcher's sausages also being the worst brats in town.

(This is why my Annie/Sweeney Todd crossover lost funding in previews.)
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Worst brats/wurst brats. This is Sondheim-level punnery.
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YES. My wife and I both facepalmed hard at that and were stunned that we didn't see the second 'brats' coming because OF COURSE.

This was everything I wanted the episode to be.
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And Bobbie actually does have a comprehensive knowledge of the law.
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When this episode started I said "I hope they do Jesus Christ Superstar at some point" to Mr Corpse. We were so delighted -- all it needed was some big hats.
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Aaron Tveit didn't get naked enough.

And I'm pretty sure I spotted some of the exact Twyla Tharp choreography from the movie version of "Hair" in the tribe number.
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So, to answer my own question from last episode's thread: Octavius is supposed to be an amalgamation of every Powerful Man villain from the shows of the era. As opposed to the very specific Miss Hannigan by way of Mrs Lovett. Much better job on that song than on any of the Sondheim they've attempted or Chenowith's song last season.

My husband asked me a few times this episode "what song is this?" and I answered "It's X, but also Y" (Razzle Dazzle plus "You Gotta Have a Gimmick" for example). He said that last year it seemed a little more general, and I pointed out that the shows they were working from last season were all kind of samey, whereas this season they're generally very particular and distinct, from one another and just in general.
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