All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: Dynamite 4/5 and Rampage 4/7
April 5, 2023 12:53 PM - Season 4, Episode 27 - Subscribe

Celebrate the first Seder night back in Long Island: FOUR titles are being defended! FTR puts their careers on the line! Tony Khan has a "big announcement"! And MJF comes home to the one place that won't boo his ass out of the arena... Happy Passover from AEW!

The announced card for tonight:

Tony Khan has a "very important announcement"
Fingers crossed for Forbidden Door 2 or some other cross-company invitational, especially considering how many special guests tonight will feature
The Acclaimed give their answer to the Jericho Appreciation Society

Blackpool Combat Club addresses their attack on Kenny Omega
An excellent opportunity for Ibushi to have his ex-Golden Lover's back?
NJPW's Juice Robinson vs. Ricky Starks

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Riho

FTW Championship Match: Hook (c) vs. Ethan Page

Sammy Guevara vs. Komander from AAA Lucha Libre

AEW World Trios Championship Match: House of Black (c) vs. Orange Cassidy and Best Friends

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Gunns (c) vs. FTR (Titles vs. Career stipulation: If FTR loses, they must leave AEW)
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Speaking of Seders, I will be otherwise occupied all night, so I'm nominating Etrigan and Blast Hardcheese to supply the breathless minute-by-minute comments -- I believe in you!
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Obviously development of the night: Trent’s mom has a new van
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Comment I saw on YouTube today: "I’d like to congratulate Jay White, Dax Harwood, and Cash Wheeler for joining the 'Dodged A Bullet' Club last night."
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House of Black vs Best Friends is exactly the sort of match I get excited to see. I’m a big fan of Jay White but Sue got my biggest pop of the night.
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SCHEDULING NOTE: Rampage will be essentially a two-hour event this week, as the normal hour will be followed by Battle Of The Belts VI.
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I had to bail on the watch last night--started too late. Revisited the back half of it today and all in all, the exact kind of show to do after the wobbly week in New York. Jay White feels big even though he's wrestled there before, Hayter just continues to be The Champ We Need, I have no idea how this Jericho/Keith Lee thing is gonna go but I'm here for it! Let's go! Let's get our asses kicked by the Waffle House cooks. It's already happened, pal!

Also if anyone happens to be in the center of the wrestling/comedy/podcast Venn diagram, this week's Best Show with Tom Scharpling features Orange Cassidy, Willow Nightingale, and Colt Cabana.
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Rampage starts off hot with Hook re-defending his FTW Title, this time under "FTW rules", which Excalibur helpfully reminds us last happened with Tazz vs. Sabu in 1999. Bless you, Ex! Technically I think it's the longest match Hook's ever wrestled.
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RJ City is getting actual television time! Bringing that "Hey EW" energy to Rampage.

Meanwhile Darby Allin is having a no-good week after apparently having a real-life car accident: His match against Lee Moriarty was an mostly mat-based and quite good, with believable near falls, only to have Brian Cage hurl him propeller-style into the air. (I think if you do more than two rotations, it's officially an F-10, not an F-5?)
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Hey, women are main-eventing Rampage!

Someone in my group chat pointed out that joining the J.A.S. dovetails nicely with Anna's "Star of the Show" gimmick, and that Julia Hart is the face of this match, despite her recent spooky-girl gimmick. Honestly she has put in a ton of work over the past year developing her character and also improving her ring work, and the way she stares daggers into the Best Friends at the end of her match makes me hope Kris Statlander is coming back to provide a foil for her.
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Billie Starkz has turned 18, which means AEW can now get her on TV to face Jade Cargill -- here's her prom picture to show how adorable she is.
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Meanwhile Darby Allin is having a no-good week after apparently having a real-life car accident

I watched that back to back with NJPW Sakura Genesis, in which Kyle Fletcher got his head cracked open on a barricade. Add in the QTV joke about Dante Martin's broken leg and it's been a real ouchy week for pro wrestling.
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