Slasher: The Slaughterhouse
April 7, 2023 6:03 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A killer named The Widow in the press is targeting Toronto's social elite.

The episode opens with Jack propositioning Daisy only to have her pimp, Horatio, intervene and reveal Jack has a nasty habit of leaving his conquests with terrible scars from the knife concealed his cane. Jack moves on but a few blocks later encounters the Widow, a female figure clothed entirely in black with their identity concealed by a veil, who murders him and leaves the body in a truly graphic manner.

Detective Rijkers begins to investigate Jack's murder only to discover his real name is Alistair Simcoe. His widow, Regina, doesn't realize what her husband gets up to and believes he was murdered offering aid to the downtrodden.

Meanwhile, two sisters, Venetia and Viviana Botticelli, welcome their third sister Verdi to their home. All three go to a magic show, performed by The Great Georges Rondeau, with Viviana's fiance Garvey. He seems immediately smitten by Verdi. Verdi is charmed by everything the show, the dashing Garvey, her new home, but once they are alone the two sisters turn on Verdi for her insolence and trying to steal Garvey. At this point it's revealed Verdi is only a half sister, the child of their father's liaison with a sex worker. Verdi is beaten after being stripped.

Detective Rijkers finds a note hidden inside Simcoe's body. It note reads, “Alistair was first, one of many. The other gents will bleed from wounds aplenty. Friends of Margaret form a target.” He goes to the Simcoe resident and finds a hidden compartment in one of Alistair’s filing cabinet drawers, and in the compartment is a journal. Newspaper clippings, drawings, and lockets of hair fill the pages of the leatherbound notebook. All of the information is about Toronto’s “Jack the Ripper” and the murder of Margaret Mehar, a sex worker who was murdered 12 years ago.

Daisy is accidentally killed by a street thug, and the episode ends with Horatio being murdered by the Widow while he mourns her.
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