Slasher: The Painful Truth
April 7, 2023 6:20 AM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The man convicted of Margaret's murder hangs, bus is he the real killer?

The episode opens with Andrew May Sr proclaiming his innocence before his execution. He accuses newspaper woman, Enid Jenkins, of fingering the wrong man.

Regina goes to the Great George for a seance. Viviana is also invited to attend. Regina gets possessed by the spirit of Alistair. Through the possession, Alistair says that The Widow won’t stop until Margaret a is avenged, and there are six more deaths to come.

Detective Rijkers arrests Eddie Jacobs for the murder of Daisy and Horatio. Trying to save himself, Superintendent Kashtinksy lets Eddie go, but stops him on his way out. Eddie admits that Daisy's death was an accident and that Horatio was alive when he left. It’s obvious they share some blame in the death of Margaret Mehar.

In a confrontation between Enid and Garvey (who owns the paper) Enid admits she knowingly she fingered the wrong suspect in the Andrew May Sr. case. Garvey wants to kill the Widow story, but Enid warns, “if we kill it, then the real story will come out." Later Enid will get a note from the Widow warning her to confess her lies.

Garvey meets a very nervous Verdi who tells him she won't come between him and her sister, his fiance. Garvey claims there is no engagement and that he will, in fact, get engaged to Verdi. Once the sisters return, he leaves and Verdi gets whipped.

The episode ends with the Widow confronting Enid and revealing what happened 12 years ago for Enid to become editor.
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