Abbott Elementary: Educator of the Year
April 6, 2023 4:51 PM - Season 2, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Gregory wins an award he doesn't think he's actually earned yet. Marvelous Geeks Media review.

I caught this early this morning and didn't really write down funny lines or anything, but Gregory has points in that in less than 2 years of teaching, he hasn't earned this yet (and they make it pretty clear this is for diversity points and publicity--Amber the terrible teaching aide gets the other award), Melissa makes good points about taking the recognition when you can get it, and Gregory does a nice shoutout to everyone else.

Other plots: Barbara has to do continuing education, Janine gets bitched out by a parent.
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I kept waiting for Janine to snap at that shitty parent, just unload on her, rip into her for being a dismissive parent trying to treat school like daycare... but that's not the kind of person Janine is, and then I got really sad for her, and then mad again wanting to yell at parent. Gregory handled the award thing well and I loved Melissa repurposing some football speech for Gregory.
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Also I'm pretty sure you'd get fired if you yelled at a parent. Some jobs are ones where you just have to take the abuse. I know Ava is scatty as hell, but she doesn't like Janine and if that lady complained and/or went to the school board, there goes Janine's career (unless she wants to go to charter like that lady in the first episode, I guess).

Love how Melissa was too lazy to even cross out the football words ahead of time.
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Love how Melissa was too lazy to even cross out the football words ahead of time.

She was teaching two classes, had the introductory speech sprung on her at the last minute, and Gregory was so caught up in his own feelings of inadequacy that he wasn't helping her at all. I'm surprised she had time to print it out, to be honest.

On another note, I would watch 30 minutes of Ava-as-Gregory and Melissa-as-Janine. God that was funny.
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Janine gets bitched out by a parent.

I like that the scene played out fairly - yes, the parent escalated but I think we also saw Janine's inexperience in handling situations like this and her not coming at it in the best way.
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The scene with Janine and the parent hit me hard. I've been there!
(Okay, not exactly there, but close enough)
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I cackled when Melissa said she found a Jalen Hurts appreciation blog post to repurpose. And again when Gregory felt the need to announce he's actually a Ravens fan, to the expected boos.

Really enjoyed seeing June Diane Raphael as the school board rep giving out the awards.

Barbara's b-plot this week was great. Those acronyms were spot on. Good pep talk to Janine, and enjoyed her asking Janine to send her any other weeping millennials she might see in the halls.

Someone needs to put "people have thrown dirt on my name, others have offered flowers, it's all a garden to me" on an embroidery sampler. Barbara is better at metaphorical gardens than actual gardening, it seems.
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