Slasher: Backbone
April 14, 2023 10:19 AM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

More of the events leading up to Margaret's murder are revealed as the Widow continues to claim victims.

Enid, after being murdered by the Widow for her role in sending an innocent man to the gallows, has a large piece of her skin removed and hung in the window of the paper by the Widow. It reads: “Five more who did their part, five who stopped a woman’s heart, their justice is a blanket lie, if they don’t confess the five will die.”

Detective Rijkers finds a photo in Alistair Simcoe's library right before Margaret's death. It features Alistair, Garvey, Kashtinsky, Eddie, and Georges. Rijker realizes that Georges, the "psychic" hasn't returned to the area in 12 years. His return coincides with the Widow's murders. Rijkers tell Kashtinsky his discovery who thanks him for solving the case.

Eddie, Garvey's henchman, goes to confront Georges. Georges uses his stage tricks to evade Eddie, knock him unconscious, and then leave him tied up. Rijkers comes upon the unconscious Eddie and as he unties Eddie, the Widow appears. Rijkers attempts to flee, but falls. Lying bloody on the street,The Widow approaches Rijkers and draws her knife, but then puts it away and leaves.

Eddie attempts to leave Toronto by carriage, only for the Widow to stop him. The Botticellis reveal their plan to sell their sister Verdi's virginity to the highest bidder to solve their financial woes as some of their furniture is repossessed.

In between these episodes are a series of flashbacks reveals that Margaret (whose murder the Widow appears to be avenging) threatened Garvey with being outed as the child of a sex worker. Her reason for this doing this is she can no longer live with the Botticelli sisters, who are abusive, and she needs money in order to escape. While he initially says his rich friends will appreciate him being a "self made man" Margaret pushes that they will always snub in favor of each other once they know the truth about him.

Garvey sends her to the "Queen's Room", a place of ill repute, to hide out from the Botticellis until he can set her up in a more appropriate place. But it's all a ruse. Margaret is held hostage and "Jack" aka Alistair Simcoe is sent to her room. Eddie is the one set to guard the door against Margaret's escape.
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Oy gavalt is this show a flat out mess. It was difficult for me to even figure out how to summarize what happened because the structure is so awkward. Why they structured things this way makes little in the way of sense especially when we have a character (Rijkers) who could be used for the audience pov so as he discovers info, we discover it. But we know information Rijkers doesn't because of the flashbacks. In one case, the flashbacks make sense. As the Widow prevents Eddie from escaping, he screams about not doing anything. We then see a flashback where he prevents Margaret from escaping what will be her death as she screams to him for help. Juxtaposing those scenes makes sense, but it's still awkwardly done. But not nearly as awkwardly as the previous flashbacks which are suddenly interspersed interrupting the narrative.

I cut out a lot of, seemingly, extraneous stuff like the doctor using cocaine, Georges trying to get the Widow Simcoe to join his traveling psychic act, and Daisy's funeral. This show is so all over the place it's very difficult to come up with a coherent synopsis.

There's also the fact that Rijkers isn't a very good detective. He finds a picture of a group of people connected to the murder of Margaret, one of whom is his superior,and has zero suspicion about that. Just tells him "Oh it must be Georges" not considering maybe his police superior is smart enough to set this up to frame Georges or is otherwise involved in a way where he shouldn't be quite so forth coming with his discovery. If the writing was better, I'd thing there might be a nefarious reason for Rijkers to behave this way, but I do not have faith in the writing at all at this point.

The writing isn't terrible just in regards to structure but also in dialogue it's often incredibly wooden and when paired with the acting (like in the scene between Rijkers and Widow Simcoe) is just downright painful. Some of the actors like Brandon Oakes (Eddie) and Eric McCormack (Garvey) are able to overcome the material with some fun scenery chewing. But even Paula Brancati, who I enjoyed on previous seasons, is stymied by the dialogue this season.

Anyway, there are 5 episodes left this season and I don't see myself having the strength to try and struggle through another synopsis.
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