Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Farm Workers
April 17, 2023 9:03 AM - Season 10, Episode 8 - Subscribe

This week.... Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota spoke at a NRA forum, claiming that it wasn't just a bunch of old white guys, to a crowd composed almost entirely of old white guys. Texas judge Kacsmaryk suspended the FDA's approval of a key component of medication abortions 23 years after the fact, using terrible reasoning to do so (MeFi). And Now: Did You Know Action News' Robert Grant Has A Fucking Dairy Allergy? Main story: Farm workers (Youtube, 25 minutes), most of whom in the US are foreign-born and undocumented, are badly treated, work in dangerous conditions, are woefully paid, and can legally be as young as twelve, and yet are incredibly essential to agriculture, which is messed up. The closing segment (of a parody "Farming Simulator 2023") was narrated by Nick Offerman.

Judge Kacsmaryk was a Trump appointee, so! Yet another way the Orange Goblin's legacy has poisoned the nation long beyond his actual term.

F.37: "Mad Hominem," AL JAFFEE
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Drowned in cow manure is not a thing I knew could happen.
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That was a very good segment. I didn't realize that young children could work farms that were not their families' farms. And the farm that actually sold people. I mean, I knew that farm workers were horribly exploited but I didn't know the extent of it.
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